Grind: Coffee, Not The Dance

Posted on Oct 9 2018 - 7:28am by Mia Gardner

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Grind is a coffee house. And a cool one at that. To be honest, it could be giving Central Perk a run for its money. I’m not kidding. Let’s find out why.

It’s all about that modern aesthetic. It’s cute, fashionable, contemporary and actually so much more than just a coffee place. It only takes a quick glance at their Instagram account to come to the conclusion that there possibly is not a better hangout for a blogger. Recently we’ve spotted Yossy Akinsanya, Sophie Milner and What K Did Now. And yes, they all looked as fabulous as even the coffee and drinks themselves.

Now when I said it wasn’t just a regular coffee house, I meant it. They ensure that all of their coffee is fairly traded as they have a passion for being sustainable. And in addition to that, as you can see from above, they’re also masters at cocktail making. They also sell food and luxury fruit juices too.

Why They’re So Unique

Grind aren’t just active on Instagram, they promote their Spotify account on their website too. Spotify, I hear you ask why. Well, it’s because they’ve linked their playlists and made them public for everyone to listen to. You’ve got to admit, the music played in your favourite hangout makes a big impact on your experience. So it’s obvious that their customers are big fans.

And, there isn’t just one Grind, you’re in luck. You can find them at London Bridge, Clerkenwell, Exmouth Market and Covent Garden. So, you’ve got plenty of choice.

What are some of your favourite hangouts to go to with friends or colleagues after work? Do you even have one? Because, if you don’t, you should totally find one. We all need to put time aside every now and again to catch up and have a few deep chats. And a place like Grind is perfect for it. Whether you’re after a breakfast juice, coffee break or post-shift cocktails, this fashionable hangout is calling your name.

Cr: Instagram @grind

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