Hello October: The English Authentic Blogger With The Old School Vibes We Love

Posted on Oct 8 2018 - 7:26am by Mia Gardner

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Some of you may know her by her infamous username but we know and love her as Suzie Bonaldi. With her iconic handle, Hello October, we thought it was only appropriate for her to be our newest #PowerCrush. So here she is. It’s officially Autumn and now is the time of year for bloggers to be posting all that cosy seasonal content that we adore. And Suzie is bringing all that to the table and more.

Hello October

Based in Brighton, this girl is one of the most active and inspirational bloggers on the scene right now. She’s still the same down-to-earth girl she was when she kickstarted what turned out to be a very successful career. But before we dive any deeper into life before stardom, we’ll fill you in on everything you need to know first.

The Girl Behind Hello October

She describes herself as a lover of liquid liner, home interiors, puppies and, most importantly, clothes. Shopping has always been a passion of hers and we can all relate, right? That feeling you get (despite the damage to your bank account) when you get home from a day out and have multiple bags to show for it. Surely, I’m not the only one, vlogger or not, who likes to pull out each item one by one and talk about how perfect it is for what you wanted and when you’re next going to wear or use it?

Hello October

Well, Suzie has now worked with YSL, Marc Jacobs, Topshop, ASOS and many more to create some of the best fashion content. All of which comes with a severe warning of triggering impulse buys. There’s more though, just you wait. She actually got to design a whole jewellery collection with Mejuri. Now that is an achievement and a half!

In addition to her fashion and beauty content, home interior has always been a major passion of hers. On her blog, she actually wrote about how her parents were lovers of buying a project home. So, it was practically in her DNA to have the same need of playing with design and aesthetics. In 2017 she launched Hello October At Home. It’s a whole new section on her blog (and there’s a gorgeous Instagram account to go with it) featuring all kinds of home-y goodness. This includes all of her current favourite interior pieces and information for where you can purchase them too.

Hello October

It was actually all of this blogging that lead to her YouTube channel. Like many others, when YouTube became a thing it was only natural to start producing videos as well as written content. And on Suzie’s channel, you’ll find super cool videos of high-street and designer content paired with beauty and a dash of lifestyle.

Get Inspired: How did she start out?

By having a genuine passion is the answer. It all started with clothes and shopping. 2011 is when she started YouTube as well as blogging and her video content just blew up. Two years later after publishing regular amazing content, that’s when things really took off. Hello October won Best Established Beauty Blog and it soon became Suzie’s full-time job.

Despite what many people say about the blogging industry being oversaturated, well, there’s always space for more. As strange as this may sound, no one else is you and you are different to everyone else. Something we love in this industry is a niche. And, if you’ve got one, what is stopping you from sharing it with the world?

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