Alexis Russell Jewelry: Luxury, Hand-Crafted & Keeping Ethics At Heart

Posted on Oct 5 2018 - 11:50am by Mia Gardner

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When you think of engagement rings, you think, silver, sparkly and with a large diamond rock, right? It’s not because you have anything majorly against other designs, it’s just, well, that’s the image often captured on TV and film. But little did you know, there’s actually a whole other world of quirky yet sophisticated and (even more) gorgeous rings out there. Now I know not all of you will be engaged or are even thinking about it, but this brand will blow you away whatever your circumstances – trust me.

Alexis Russell

What makes it so different?

Alexis Russell Jewelry hand-craft rings, earrings and much more. But this isn’t a generic jewellery brand because they put ethics at the forefront. They combine raw, organic elements of nature with metals and cuts of conflict-free gemstones and diamonds. What’s more is that they work closely with their clients to custom make extra special pieces such as engagement rings too.

Alexis Russell

But before we learn (and drool) some more, let’s take a look at how it started.

The business was created by no other than Alexis Russell herself who is constantly pushing the boundaries of modern jewellery design. She began back in 2005 when she decided to fuse her creative skills with her love for fashion. She served as an apprentice to a jeweller in New York where she then learnt all aspects of this incredible trade.

It’s so much more than you think

Earthy, understated, refined and elegant are four words that Alexis Russell uses to describe her eponymous brand. And she couldn’t have represented it any better. With some of her prices going up into the thousands it just goes to show that if you have a dream and are passionate to learn and master the necessary skills, the sky is your limit.

The jewellery is chic, unassuming, incredibly modern and damn right cool. Do you know of YouTuber-turned-actress, Tanya Burr? If so, you may know that her brother-in-law recently proposed to his now fiance. And, it’s more than safe to say that she was pleased with the ring.

Above, what you see is a salt and pepper diamond ring with a recycled white gold band. And, in regards to the previous conflict-free statement, what this means is that the diamonds are ethically mined and sold with absolutely no connection to terror or opposition groups. What this also means, is that it is sustainable jewellery. And, with that outstanding quality paired with a story and history behind it, how can regular jewellery now compare?

Something to take away

As someone with a curious, open mind who is open to so much, business ideas seem to constantly be buzzing around my head. In this world, we take so much joy in so many things. Tangible or non-tangible, we all love something. But, what do you love? If you feel like you could only dream of working with or around that thing on a daily basis then look at it from a different perspective. Perhaps you could create something just like it but make it original and to your taste. You’d be surprised at what you have the potential to make a business out of. Just use your passions and imagination.

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