Travel is … getting lost in the alien-looking wonderland of Socotra Island

Posted on Oct 3 2018 - 7:56am by Stella M

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Dragon's blood trees in Socotra Island

About 130 miles off the coast of Somalia and in the northwest area of Indian Ocean lays the legendary Socotra Island in Yemen. The island has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its notable biodiversity of more than a third of its distinct local plant species. These species include the dragon’s blood trees which resemble flying saucers perched on trunks. The Adenium Socotranum trees look like elephant legs with pink flowers on the top. Bats here are the sole native mammal on the island while bird species such as the Socotra sunbird and Socotra starling can only be found on the island.

 Adenium socotranum

Some species held the island are just like the original Garden of Eden primarily because of its isolation from the rest of the world. Another reason  for this is that it is on the edge of the Gulf of Aden, which has been related to the ancient Sumerian tales of Dilmun. It also houses a number of shipwrecks and a collection of caves.

mountains of Socotra island, Yemen

Recognized as Arabian Sea’s biodiversity jewel, the island is characterized by state-of-the-art marine and land biodiversity. There’s so much to do and see in this wonderland dominated by limestone plateau and green Haghier mountains.

Go on a hike – Hiking on the island is for everyone but local guides are recommended for areas with high altitude trails. Dersmotin, Tinnera, the Scant, and Firmihin are the most popular trekker destinations.

the wildlife

Book bird watching tours – If you’re into birds then this is a perfect activity for you. This could be the best way to view bird population and nature without harming wildlife.

Explore the volcanic caves – See the hidden beauty and crystal decorations of the Hoq Cave.

Surf the waves – During monsoon season, from June to August, surfers visit the island waters for excellent surfing. Only expert surfers are encouraged to do this when the winds are already rough.

lovely beach of Socotra Island

Beach bum – There are also beaches where you can enjoy your summer season such as Arher, Amaq, Qalansia, Noget, and Shouab.

Pitch a tent for camping – Beach camping can be a special break from your day-to-day routine in the civilization. This is perfect for warm sleeping and a good meal while you’re surrounded by the island’s virgin nature.

Camel back riding

Ride on a camel’s back – Learn and enjoy the magnificent scenery in a less active adventure. The camels will get you through the colorful mountains as well as the panoramas and over plateaus.

Take a local boat safari and go fish – Go to the incomparable destinations of the island through local boat safaris. You may also snorkel here with its white sands and clear water.

the isolated Socotra Island

Both Felix Airways and Yemenia Airways have flights to Socotra coming from Sana’s airport in Yemen. There are also flights from Sharjah airport in the United Arab Emirates to the island once in a week. Arrival by sea remains problematic due to the increasing piracy business offshore. There are also public buses from the airport to Hadibo and from here to Qalansia. You may rent a car with a driver since public transport is of no avail in the highland. This only notes a lot of hikes and walk alongside camel rides.

beautiful island scenery

The consideration of climate for a visit depends on your interest. Many travellers prefer to visit anywhere between October and April as monsoon strikes from July to August.

Would you like to be at Socotra Island for its isolate landforms where you tend to wander around and experience why it’s become one of a kind destination?


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