Lizzy Hadfield: The Northern Fashion Genius Behind Shot From The Street

Posted on Oct 2 2018 - 7:08am by Mia Gardner

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Lizzy Hadfield is just 25 years old but has acquired a following of over 200 thousand people worldwide. She’s from Nothern England and you could call her a young Victoria Beckham because she’s nailed the true art of mixing high-street with designer when it comes to fashion. Lizzy’s style is minimalistic but super edgy and perhaps her art degree could be to thank.

Lizzy Hadfield

She studied the history of art at a university in Leeds and we’re just dying to pick her brain! Fashion is an art form in itself and Lizzy is one of the most experimental bloggers we have ever found which is why we are sharing our new find with you today. If you’re into that high-end mixture of fashionable and sophistication, you’ve come to the right place.

All about the blog

Lizzy Hadfield has a blog called Shot From The Street (let’s take a moment to praise the cool name ??) and it’s incredible. It’s easy to see that she puts a lot of time and effort into it which we really value because that isn’t the case for everyone. In the blogging industry, when YouTube came along, lots of people transitioned over to that platform and kept their blogs for occasional life updates. But this wasn’t the case for Lizzy.

Lizzy Hadfield

She posts on there multiples each month, even weekly, and her content is filled with lifestyle, fashion and beauty goodness. And the occassional unique notebook snap like the one above. She even has a section on there devoted to labelling where all her clothing is from so that her followers can try them out for themselves. And it just goes to show that she massively cares for her following because of this attention to detail.

Lizzy Hadfield

She’s also a YouTuber…

However, she does have a YouTube channel and it’s just as fantastic as her blog. Lizzy has masses of brand knowledge due to the fact fashion is perhaps her biggest passion and she shares such good advice. Testing Basics is a great series she created (we think it would make a fab TV show ? too) where she focuses on one item per video e.g. trainers and buys around 5 different pairs from high-street to designer. She then compiles daily vlogs and reviews into one jam-packed video and rates them all at the end to select a winner. If you’re struggling right now to make any fashion-led decision, her channel is pretty indispensable if you ask me.

Lizzy Hadfield

No matter which social media platform Lizzy is using, her own original aesthetic is present throughout. Quirky, alternative, editorial are just a few words that can’t even begin to describe how un-like her content it to any other popular blogger. She is on another level. On a spectrum of influencer to fashion goddess, she is way up there with the biggest players in fashion. She is just yet to receive the full recognition she deserves. She’s got the figure of a fashion model, the height, and the that natural beauty thing go on too. Is anyone else envisioning a Vogue cover shoot in her future? Perhaps Shot From The Street could become the new Vogue one day, you never know.

How did she get into blogging?

In an interview with SkinnyDip London not too long ago, she explained that she actually got into blogging whilst she was at university. She spent so much time reading other people’s that she thought it was pretty obvious that she should create her own. So she did, and something that you can take from this story is: if you have a passion that you want to showcase – just do it.

What has she been up to recently?

Lizzy captures most aspects of her day-to-day life on camera to post on the gram so her followers always know what she’s up to. Over the past few months, we’ve seen her hanging around London in the infamous Notting Hill as well as travelling abroad for a holiday in Malta. How exotic? And, of course, she’s been slaying the fashion game recently too whilst capturing cool interior shots which is just another one of her many talents.

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Cr: Instagram @shotfromthestreet

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