Why YRU’s statement footwear is blowing our minds

Posted on Sep 26 2018 - 7:02am by Mia Gardner

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YRU are creating footwear that is unlike anything we’ve seen before. They’re a mind-blowing and mysterious fashion brand with a crazy aesthetic. Lots of their designs are incredibly abstract which is what makes them so interesting. They’ve all got some sort of Barbie-like, alternative, space theme going on. Ariana Grande and the girl-boss fashion label, Nasty Gal, are big fans too.


Unlike many other brands, they don’t have a ton of information online about them and this is because they’re underground and cool. Their Instagram account is the definition of lit for any of you alternative fashion lovers. Platformed trainers are one of their specialities. Is that something you’re in to?

A First Look: YRU Edition

They have a saying, “reach for the galaxy, it’s not as far as it seems”, and they really do portray this in their fashion. The whole look to their footwear is so unique and I don’t even think I need to explain their statement-making potential. Yes, you may be thinking, “but when would I wear a pair of these?”, and that’s up to you.

If you want to turn heads then it goes without saying that a pair of these trainers would do the trick. However, there is something vintage and one-of-a-kind about them so you could even buy them for show. This is actually something a lot of collectors do because you never know how much money they may be worth down the line. They could even end up being something that a fashion museum is interested in adding to their archive. Or, you could, of course, keep them for your own visual entertainment.

They really are works of art because so much detail and work has been put into them. A pair that we imagine Ariana Grande to be eyeing up right now is the last photo above. This is because she’s releasing a perfume called Cloud to go along with her new album, Sweetener. It’s this holographic material and glitter on top or underneath lots of black that looks extra edgy. Would you dare to venture into this kind of fashion?


They sell some trainers like the pair you see above that are slightly more wearable, it just depends on your personal style. Maybe you’re an aspiring blogger and think this could be the kind of fashion to really build up a following. Or maybe, you’re just interested in the art side of things and want to get inspired. Well, whatever it was that lead you to reading this article, we hope we’ve been helpful in informing you a little bit more about YRU ?.

Cr: Instagram @yru

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