Brogan Tate: The Princess of Online Lifestyle Content

Posted on Sep 25 2018 - 7:53am by Mia Gardner

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You know those days when you just feel bored? You’re not in the mood to watch a long film, you’re fully caught up on your fave TV shows, you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed but still feeling unfulfilled. That’s where YouTube comes in. I, myself, am an avid watcher and am subscribed to over 100 channels of all kind of content. But Brogan Tate is up there with my favourites.

Brogan Tate

Weekly vlogs are where it’s at and Brogan is the supplier. You wouldn’t believe how entertaining it is to sit back and watch someone else living their life. I think it’s safe to say that as humans, we’re easily fascinated by other humans, and ‘people watching’ is just a natural source of entertainment. So lifestyle video blogs were always bound to be successful.

To give you a bit of background info, Brogan Tate is a 24-year-old currently living in a cute house in Bournemouth with her boyfriend, Benji. Her vlogs consist of super varied content ranging from travel, tech and beauty to Disney, home and agony aunt-like advice.

All of which makes for very cosy-watching. What I mean by this is that it’s the perfect sort of thing to switch off to. Whether you’re chilling in bed on a Saturday morning or about to jump in the bath, with a weekly vlog you’ve always got something to look forward to chilling out to.

Brogan Tate

And, there’s more…

Relatability. Brogan’s content is filled with it. As an OG fan myself, we’ve seen her go from working multiple jobs at the same time as an administrator in an office and activity coordinator at Go Ape to working solely as a social media manager for Jimmy’s Iced Coffee and now as a freelance online content manager and individual influencer. Now, that is what you call experience.

The best thing about lifestyle content really is the unlimited spectrum of topics within it. Brogan covers pretty much everything including a few taboo topics too which is great to remove stigmas around certain things. Something that is incredible about her is her openness. We’ve seen the tears and we’ve also seen the masses of confidence she has gained in herself and how she talks. A while ago she collaborated with Grace Victory and they spoke about sex and dating which was a super juicy pair of videos. And, it’s all pure entertainment.

She is always active on social media. Especially on Instagram. She actually uploads mini-vlog-like Insta stories which are perfect to fulfil that weekly vlog craving pre-upload. And, she’s just as active on her blog which is pretty much an extension to her YouTube channel but slightly more business-y. On there, she uploads cool photography to accompany beauty reviews, gyms/spas, restaurants and pretty much every event she goes to. Ahhh, content, content, content. How satisfying?

Are you just itching to check her out? Me too. Well, I mean, catch up… I’ll meet you there.

Cr: Instagram @brogantatexo

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