Are You Am I: (R-U-M-I) Neely’s Modern-Glam Clothing Line

Posted on Sep 20 2018 - 7:24am by Mia Gardner

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Do you ever imagine having a wardrobe full of clothes that are all beautifully lined up or piled away? It’s all colour coded and luxurious-looking with a variety of cotton, silks and suedes. And, all the pieces are not only interchangeable but adaptable for formal and relaxed looks. Surely, this isn’t just my dream. Well, Are You Am I are an astonishing brand who pretty much aim to achieve all of the above. No matter what they’re creating, they keep this minimalistic but modern-glamorous aesthetic in mind to suit the millenial woman.

Are You Am I

All the garments are made in Los Angeles which is the home to this slinky, undone style. And, if you’re into a slightly raunchier style and aren’t afraid to show some skin, this brand is a major puzzle piece missing from your life. Even from a glance you can see how luxurious each item is and the care that has gone into crafting each and every masterpiece.

It’s all about investing

With fashion, it’s 100% worth buying into durable pieces that are really going to be worth their buck. Many of Are You Am I fans say that their clothing really does feel as good as it looks which is a bonus too. Not all of the most beautiful outfits on earth are actually comfortable. Think about all those extravagant dresses that come out to play with celebs on the red carpet. The majority of people have to get sewn in and out of them!

However, you can get that luxe style with the comfort thanks to Are You Am I. And supporting them are a few famous faces including Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Rihanna, Hailey Baldwin and countless more.

Are You Am I

If you’re stilling pondering over the title of today’s #GirlfriendCollection article, it’s because Rumi Neely is the mastermind behind the brand. She created a blog called FashionToast back in 2008 and has since then become an extremely popular influencer. She’s 35 years old and from California, of course, and she’s worked hard to start up this very own fashion brand that she now gets to call ‘hers’!

Now isn’t that inspirational? You really do never know where your passion in life will take you. Do you have a particular interest? If so, think about how you could turn it into a business. Get researching, make a website, create a social media presence and get utilising all these tools whilst they’re still free and make sure you keep up with all the current popular platforms!

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