Jennifer Fisher Jewellery: A Handful Of Golden Goodness

Posted on Sep 12 2018 - 7:16am by Mia Gardner

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You could say that her jewellery line is the concrete object of the abstract concept that is her personality. Or you could just say that her creations reflect everything about her. It’s your choice how deep you want to go with the explanation. However, the point that I’m attempting to relay is that these accessories are bold and incredibly alluring.

Jennifer Fisher

Whilst her designs may be a little out there, they are still wearable if you fancy being adventurous. Her most popular item is the necklaces she creates. And, that’s because all clients have the ability to customise them to their liking. It’s the wide range of letters, symbols and gems that make them so lust-worthy. Just take a look…

Jennifer Fisher Jewellery: The Image

Her social media aesthetic is standout. Black and white reversed graphics with a spaced-out all-capitals font elegantly separate the wide range of warm, gold and glistening images that she showcases of her designs. What’s also great is the fact that Jennifer, who runs her own account, is so involved in many communities and she’s passionate about what she believes in.

Jennifer Fisher

Not long ago, she created a collection of vibrantly coloured charms for pride month. Now, she doesn’t normally involve so much colour but it was to celebrate this time period that we’re in where we’re continuously growing to encourage everyone to be more accepting. Side-note: think about this for a second. Regarding your online ‘look’ on social media that represents either who you are or your brand, you should never let it go unnoticed. The quality and unique look of your pictures on Instagram, for example, is what will get you loyal followers who will look forward to seeing your content pop up in their feed.

Jennifer Fisher

And in regards to Jennifer Fisher Jewellery, it makes sense that she has nearly 300 thousand followers because celebs like Cardi B, Khloe Kardashian, Kendall and Kylie Jenner are also big fans who are just as obsessed with her creations as we are.

But, what actually inspired Jennifer Fisher to create the brand?

In an interview with Robb Report, it was basically because she wanted something to celebrate the birth of her son, Shane. She was unfortunately diagnosed with a desmoid tumour that was meant to make it almost impossible for her to safely bare a child but she did. It was a miracle. Family and friends bought her some gifts, some of which were jewellery and it just wasn’t her style. So, she decided to create her own in search of something personal and doing it yourself is about as personal as you can get! How inspirational?

Instagram @jenniferfisherjewelry

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