Madelynn Furlong: Meet the blogger behind Wide Eyed Legless

Posted on Sep 10 2018 - 7:21am by Mia Gardner

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Discovering, creating and inspiring is what she’s all about. Madelynn Furlong believes that there’s beauty in everything and she’s not the only one. Here, at Coture Social, we too are supporters of her theory that there is something extraordinary in everything we both do and wear too. And so, we’re crowning her our newest #PowerCrush because of a project she’s been working on for a while now…

Madelynn Furlong

WEL. “Well, what?”. It stands for Wide Eyed Legless and it’s a space she created online in the blogging world. She calls it a collective journey that explores fashion, art, friendship.

Tell me more!

She most recently posted about going back to basics in regards to her fashion which she’s been experimenting with recently. All-one-colour outfits and black shoes are a current favourite of hers and we can see why. There is just something so classy about the simple and put-together look that is marvellously minimalistic.

She actually worked with the brand, Stuart Weitzman for this shoot. And that’s not the only brand who are interested in working with her. We’ve recently spotted her working with Givenchy and Need Supply. So, she really is swimming in success in the competitive blogging industry. In addition to this, she recently collaborated with Reebok for their #BeMoreHuman campaign and has advertised Burberry’s perfume along with Grey Goose’s vodka too!

And, to promote these brands and products so she can capture some of the coolest pics, travelling is also a major part of the job role! Earlier in July she was exploring Spain and checked into the Margot House Hotel in Barcelona. Which by the way, can we just say has some of the most gorgeous interior.

Which from the pictures above you’d probably struggle to distinguish from her own house because the aesthetic is so similar. And, it just makes you wonder, how did she get into doing this as a career and what is it she worked so hard to do to live this luxurious lifestyle?

Where it all started

Madelynn Furlong started Wide Eyed Legless back in 2010 with the intention of building a simple, thoughtful wardrobe, home and lifestyle. And it’s finally now more successful than ever. But it isn’t just luck that got her to where she is. She has lots of experience in the creative industry. She even had a full-time career in art direction and with this paired with all her personal experience and genuine interests, it’s created WEL. The perfect business venture.

It seems that around the 2010 mark was the perfect time to start-up an online career as many others like Madelynn have thousands of followers now! It’s also one of the best careers for networking as the nature of the job is sharing your content with others. But, as well as working with brands and meeting other influencers, despite her busy schedules, she’s always looking uber fashionable.

Madelynn Furlong’s Fashion Sense

As you can see, her style is simple yet glam. She’s a fan of designer brands and it makes sense to not over-dress these pieces. Something else that is refreshing to see is that she’s a fashion over makeup kind of girl. Of course, not all of us are lucky enough to be blessed with skin as gorgeous as hers but it’s good to let your skin breathe. And sometimes that extra thing you’re looking for to give your outfit oomph isn’t always makeup, it could be an accessory like some cute earrings! Give it a try over a bright lip.

Cr: Instagram @madelynnfurlong

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