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Posted on Sep 7 2018 - 7:19am by Emma Philo

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Which of these three poets are you going to read next?

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Long gone are the days where you dreaded English class and reading the works of the greats, now, poetry has taken a different route. Instagram poets are now the latest craze, with many of us reposting and liking relatable quotes, not always realizing where they came from.

From heartbreak to happiness, these poets have managed to make us feel a range of emotions and made us even shed a tear at times. If there’s anyone you just have to follow now, it’s these 5 wordsmiths…

1) Rose Maria (@rosewrites_)

Rose Maria is just in the midst of being discovered, and her page is full of nostalgic yet inspiring poetry. She somehow manages to capture exactly how we feel, and her texts always bring us back to a certain time in our lives. If you’re in the midst of a heartbreak, then her poems will seriously move you, a strike a chord with your current feelings.

2) Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur is one of the most famous of “Instagram poets”, with celebrity pals such as Dua Lipa and Emma Watson, her face may look familiar. Though you have probably seen celebrities, friends and family alike unknowingly post her quotes on social media, she is also an accomplished writer. Milk and Honey and The Sun and Her Flowers are loved and adored by influencers and Instagrammers alike. In her poetry, she covers touching topics such as her relationship with her father, healing and falling in love, and she even does her own drawings – a woman of many talents!

3) Atticus Poetry

Mysterious Atticus is another one of the most famous “Instagram poets”, regularly reposted on social media, he’s well known for his beautiful poems on love and seizing the day. Whether you’re grieving, lost, or looking for your soulmate, Atticus seems to have a poem fit for every mood. Atticus seems to like keeping himself to himself and doesn’t reveal much about his identity to the public – very often he is pictured in a mask, and the only thing we know is that he’s from British Columbia and in his late 20s. Don’t you think that makes his work even more beautiful?

4) R.M Drake

R.M Drake cleverly used social media to his advantage to propel his writing career forwards. He was working as an art director in Miami when he decided to post excerpts of his works onto Instagram, and soon enough celebrities such as the Kardashians and Sophia Bush were clicking that follow button constantly! Now a self-published writer, he is well known for Beautiful Chaos, which, at the time of its publication, was the seventh best-selling book in Amazon’s poetry section. We highly recommend you check out his latest book, Gravity, which came out last year.

5) Nikita Gill

UK-based poet Nikita is known for her empowering poems, that have been plastered over signs for women’s marches and have been a symbol of feminism over the last few years. Though she celebrates being a woman in her poetry, she also works topics such as family, toxic relationships and self-doubt. Her poems are what we’ve always wanted to say, but haven’t been able to find the right words to express it. Though she regularly posts to social media, she hates being called an “Instapoet” as she finds it limiting, although you can also find longer excerpts on her Facebook and Tumblr pages.

Now you know about these five poets, are you going to read their books? Are you going to give them a follow? And do you have any recommendations for us? As always, we would love to know in the comments!

Cr: Rosiewrites_, Rupi Kaur, Atticus Poetry, R.M Drake and Nikita Gill via Instagram

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