Walk Through the Mountainous Beach-Lined Cycladic Andros Island

Posted on Aug 28 2018 - 7:46am by Stella M

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What interesting sights and activities should you try on the Andros Island?

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“Old lady’s jump” ANDROS island

Love hiking through miles of trails, exploring the wilderness, challenging undersea adventures and unearthing histories? The sophisticated yet rustic island of Andros is waiting for you. Wait for the surprises the island will welcome you. Abandoned watermills and rushing rivers. Established hiking trails. Local ship owners’ grand mansions. Untouched beaches. Venetian castles. What else will you look for on this magnificent island?

Cycladic Island of Andros

What to Do on Andros

Whether you’re an outdoor adventurer, a historical seeker, or an indoor buddy, there’s always something just for you on the island.

State of Captains at Andros Town

The view of Andros Town

Local residents, called Andriots, are ship owners, sailors, and captains. Hora town is characterised by neoclassical buildings and stately homes built centuries ago. Prosperity is apparent in its large churches, carved marble fountain, open squares, and marble pavements. Shops are modest selling traditional foods, sweets, and clothes. Hora is also the location of the central square where buzzing cafes and the Archaeological Museum can be found.

Goulandris Museum of Cycladic Art

Goulandris Museum of Contemporary Art

Visit the island during summer as it hosts an exciting exhibition for everybody. Learn more about its story and culture depicted in the treasured works of artists Matisse, Miro, Matisse, Kandinsky, Picasso, etc.

Cycladic tranquility // by Kois Associated Architects

Wonders of Beaches

Zorgos Beach Andros

Beaches in this island seem distinct as some can only be accessed through boat or dirt road. See the remarkable stone pillar of Old Lady’s Leap that juts out of the sea. Head out towards south for Chryssi Ammons, Halkolimionas, and Agios Petros. Some of them have tavernas or beach bars and all mod cons.

The Lovely Village of Stenies

Take in the splendid sights of the village camouflaged by tall trees. The grand mansions all around are its main attraction. Also offered are an old stone bridge, an old factory with huge waterwheel, and a tower from 17th century.


Venetian Castle, Chora, Andros

An Amazing Venetian Fortress

Also situated in Hora is the photograph-friendly Venetian fortress ruins. They are standing on the island linked to the headland’s tip by the worn stone bridge remnants. Be reminded not to scramble over in the locals’ manner.

Where and What to Eat


Greek standards and fresh fish menus are served by tavernas in Batsi, Hora, and Gavrio. Looking for the island’s local cuisine? Go to an isolated hub at the northern part of Gavrio and at Ormos Korthiou.

Hidden Gems

Tourlitis Lighthouse

Faneromeni Castle (Upper Castle) offers the breath-taking Aegean view. Off the coast of the island is the Tourlitis Lighthouse built on a big rock placed in the middle of the ocean. Hail a map then follow the well-marked hiking footpaths covering the whole island. Let these paths guide you while wandering around.

Guide Me

Note that Andros island is connected to Athens from Rafina port only by bus trip from 30-40 minutes. Ferry travel takes 3-4 times daily connecting the island to the other Cyclade islands. You may also use the suburban rail going to Pallini station then hop the Athens-Rafina bus, which departs every 25 minutes.

When to Go

Make the most of your trip to Andros Island during its optimum months from May to July (Summer and Spring seasons). Athenians visit the island in August when the strong Meltemi winds strike.

Andros Island

Isn’t it alluring to visit Cyclades’ second-largest island with its seafaring tradition and unbeatable paradise? It is only here where you can find the wild mountains cleaved by fecund valleys with ancient stone mills and bubbling streams. Isn’t the Andros Island simply wonderful?

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