Morgan Lane Are Creating The Lingerie, Sleepwear AND Swimwear You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Posted on Aug 27 2018 - 8:24am by Mia Gardner

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Prepare yourself to be sucked into our #GirlfriendCollection bubble with our newest addition, Morgan Lane. You won’t just fall asleep dreaming about their New York City design prowess goodness. Here’s why…

Morgan Lane

You’ll be daydreaming about Morgan Lane

Morgan Curtis founded this incredibly #Instaworthy brand in 2015, so they’re still relatively new. However, they’ve acquired over 122 thousand followers in just a few years! Want to know the reason why?

Because they stand out.

Morgan Lane holds a unique place in the market for fashion because they sit inbetween luxury sleepwear and ready-to-wear. By creating items that can be worn both to bed and the beach, they’ve pretty much nailed it when it comes to the underwear we’ve always wanted. They were one of the first brands to introduce a modern, fun and playful approach to lingerie that will stick with us forever.

Each season, they bless us with a new theme that often incorporates some of the cutest detailing we have ever seen. And, it’s all of this hard work that they put into separating themselves as a business to be unique that makes them so loveable. Hand-drawn illustrations by Morgan, herself, are often featured both on the clothing and their social media platforms. As if they needed any more sparkle, right?

In addition, she went a step futher and actually created a character for the brand called Lanie. She represents the playful, seductive and mischievous spirits that lie in many of us. Personal and exciting touches like these are what really get people’s attention. If you check out Morgan Lane’s website, Lanie is unmissable.

A First Look: Morgan Lane New Arrivals

Above are just some of the coolest items available for purchase from their online store right now. We love them because they have that classic feminine and flirty vibe that we can’t help but want to snap up a picture of to put on the gram.

There really is nothing like owning (and then wearing/showing off) clothing that looks phenomenal, wouldn’t you agree?

And, it’s not just us here at Coture Social who are big fans. Paris Hilton was not long ago spotted wearing a unique dress of theirs too. Along with the infamous Bella Thorne who wore the piece above for a magazine cover shoot.

Overall, there is just something super special about Morgan Lane and quirky too. They take such great pics of their clothing to showcase on their Instagram along with a ton of other fabulous content. I bet you’re just itching to check them out. And, well, seeing as you’ve now read this complete article, you might as well! Enjoy. You heard it here first.

Cr: Instagram @morgan_lane

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