Shannon Boodram: The Sexologist You Never Knew You Needed

Posted on Aug 24 2018 - 7:07am by Mia Gardner

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She’s a sex-ed goddess who will teach you everything you ever wanted to know and more. Her openness on the subject and all the topics surrounding it is refreshing. It’s great that we’re able to progress with the times and become more accepting of this kind of stuff which is why we’re sharing this with you today. Shannon Boodram is a true activist and we’ve crowned her our newest #PowerCrush because her confidence is next level. You’ll soon see.

Shannon Boodram

What does she do?

Shannon Boodram is actually a fully-qualified clinical sexologist and she runs one-to-one counselling sessions. Now, it’s not just sex that she talks openly about. She helps people with trauma recovery, heartbreak, non-conventional relationships, couples counselling and even seduction. She has a YouTube channel where she offers a lot of her professional advice and knowledge which many are truly grateful for. By just watching one of her videos, you really do feel like she is speaking to you because of her calming but ‘take action’ aura.

What is she up to at the moment?

We’ve got a feeling that she’s working on some exciting projects as she’s always dropping hints on her Instagram. Most recently she posted a picture with some Smashbox staff and told her followers that they would soon understand why she had a smile on her face. Maybe, she’ll be venturing into makeup which would be a big but welcomed change.

She’s also been working as a presenter and documentary-maker for a while now too. A series that is particularly worth a watch is called The Bold Type. On the program, Shannon tests out a wide range of dating theories. Something that was incredibly interesting was a technique that proved to be successful that involved disagreeing and offering the opposite opinions to your date for the first half of your time together and then spend the second half agreeing with them and building up on everything that they say. Is that too sneaky or is it pure genius? The date-ee said that they felt that they had established a deeper, better connection with her by the end of it.

Shannon Boodram

But in regards to her actual boo, she recently got engaged. And, this is a big deal to everyone who knows the couple because they’ve been very honest about their open relationship. What will marriage mean for this major aspect of their relationship? I’d advise you to keep an eye out for some videos about it in the future on her channel. I know I’ll be watching!

How did she get to where she is now?

Shannon Boodram

She’s originally from Canada but has been living in Los Angeles for four years now. She’s actually moved around L.A. five times which may seem extreme but think about how great doing that is to explore different places. Shannon really is like no other because she never fails to surprise her following when it comes to revealing all the different kinds of work she does along with what she’s done in the past.

Shannon Boodram

Not only is she incredibly intelligent but she’s also creative. She used to be a wedding photographer which just goes to show that her talents are endless. And, in addition to this, she’s a fashion icon. Shannon is known for playing around with her style as her looks vary from sport-chic to sexy 90’s vibes. She is definitely someone to follow if you’ve got eclectic tastes too!

Cr: Instagram @shanboody

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