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Posted on Aug 22 2018 - 7:06am by Emma Philo

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In a sea of influencers, we sometimes get the feeling that everyone is merging into one and they all look the same or sound the same. The same hauls, the same vlogs, the same PR events, it’s all getting a little bit boring now, right?

Let’s get one thing straight – we love influencers, but with such a title, they should be influencing us and inspiring us to be better, and not just a clone. They have such a voice in what is usually a muted industry and they should use this carefully.

So finding influencers that inspire and influence us – not to purchase the Topshop dress of the summer, but actually to work on ourselves – can seem like trying to find a needle in a haystack at times. The thing is to look in the right places – positive influencers are becoming a discussion, ones that are trying to make a change in their own way are around, but you’re not going to find them amongst the “Instagram Baddies”, let’s be honest.

We have our firm favorites and we’ll leave you with some food for thought – which influencers inspire you ladies? We’d love to know once you have discovered our top 5!

Leanne Woodfull

Edgy blogger Leanne Woodfull not only inspires us with her style, but more importantly, with her conversation. Leanne isn’t afraid to speak out on political matters in Ireland and played an active part in the Repeal the 8th campaign, around Ireland’s abortion laws, regularly discussing the matter on Twitter and explaining the consequences on her blog. She encouraged fellow influencers for sharing their voice but also denounced those who would only stick to their regular topics and ignore political conflict. The fact that people were finally discussing the, what was at the time, taboo subject, is what led the campaign to victory with an overwhelming amount of people voting yes to change! This is why influencers’ voices are so important – they will push the younger generation to speak out, and it has a snowball effect on the adults.

Helen Anderson

Helen Anderson is another edgy, “alternative” (though she hates that term) girl who just lives life like no one’s watching. We admire Helen because firstly, she is a mid-size girl which we strangely tend to overlook in the industry – despite the average UK size being a size 16. She preaches body confidence but also self-development in a safe and sensible way, encouraging people to go the gym but not starve themselves and treat them to a cheeky Nando’s from time to time. Secondly, because she lives her life her way. She has fun, spends times with her friends, and is not afraid to say how it is. She’s the kinda girl who you would love to be your best friend!

Grace Victory

Grace is a plus-size influencer who is unapologetically herself. She keeps it real, shows off her curves and discusses important topics. She recently made the news for posting a photo on Instagram of a period leak, which caused controversy, but struck a chord with many women who still feel like periods aren’t considered “normal” but almost make us freaks of nature. Grace was trying to normalize this, but the backlash was real – so much so, she lost over 1000 followers! She wasn’t thinking of the numbers though, but of the cause – good on her!

Victoria Magrath

Victoria Magrath, aka In The Frow in the blogosphere, is an inspiring #Girlboss. She has got so much done in such a short space of time – having passed her PhD in Fashion Marketing, becoming a university lecturer, being the face for brands such as Ted Baker and collaborating with Strathberry on a new accessories collection, you have to admit – the lady’s got seriously awesome work ethic. She is one of the hardest-working women in the industry, never stopping to provide us with incredible YouTube, blog and Instagram content. We love her passion!

Patricia Bright

Full-time businesswoman and influencer Patricia Bright has made our list because of the way she juggles two careers with having a kid. She works hard, knows what she wants, and isn’t afraid to go for it. Having started out in accounting and financing, she turned to blogging and hasn’t stopped since. On YouTube, she discusses more candid topics like her labour experience, and disastrous waxes – we love her honesty, which is so refreshing in the blogging industry! Nothing is taboo with her!

Though the list goes on, we want you to think about which influencers truly inspire you and influence you to better yourself – let us know in the comments, we might take you up on some of those recommendations!

Cr: leannewoodfull, helenanderz, gracefvicotry, inthefrow, thepatriciabright via Instagram.

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