Huda Beauty: Managing A Multi-Million Dollar Makeup Company & Dealing With The Competition

Posted on Aug 8 2018 - 7:07am by Mia Gardner

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With over 26.4 million followers, Huda Kattan spends her days looking after her baby, Huda Beauty. The infamous blog and Instagram channel that every makeup lover raves about. She was one of the first to create the matte liquid lipstick hype. And, we’re sure that she’s grateful she did because this offered everyone in the beauty community the perfect solution for an extremely long lasting lip colour. But she didn’t stop there.

Huda Beauty

As a rival of the billionaire, Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic line and many others, Huda has got a fair bit of competition. And despite her talents both in business and the makeup industry, she, unfortunately, got herself into a teeny bit of trouble recently which may be her biggest ‘scandal’ as of yet. Do you remember this girl?

She’s called Em Ford (blogging name My Pale Skin) and not long ago she made a video about beauty standards in the media. She suffers from acne scarring but is one of the few people who have enough courage and confidence to see past it. Em is all about encouraging others with similar problems not to hide behind makeup and to create an inclusive powerful experience for her followers to let them know that they aren’t alone in regards to skin issues.

Well, time for the tea (as the new category of YouTube drama channels likes to say) Huda Beauty featured a picture of Em without any makeup on. However, it was without her permission and attached to a blog post about how to cover it up and how acne scars are terribly annoying. Ouch. But, it wasn’t Huda Kattan’s intention to do this. In fact, she kind of wasn’t involved at all. It was the mistake of one of her editors using a picture of another influencer instead of a stock image. But, anyway, it was all a misunderstanding and whilst feelings got hurt, we felt extremely sorry for Huda and she was incredibly apologetic.

Onwards and upwards

The reason that people watch Huda like a hawk is because the majority of people are in awe of her and her brand. She is living the dream of many, so, of course, people are quick to find out everything. However, the good certainly outways any bad because millions of people are obsessed with her products. We’ve selected Huda Kattan as our newest #PowerCrush because of her work ethic. Just imagine how much hard work it is to stay active as a company and interact with millions of customers on a daily basis as well as coming up with new and original content to stay ahead of the game.

How did Huda get to where she is now?

Huda Beauty

Huda was born and raised in the U.S. and actually studied finance at university. She then moved to Dubai which is still where she’s living a luxurious lifestyle now but she’s had many obstacles along the way. She was made redundant from the job she had in that initial sector but she soon turned her life around. Huda has previously said that it was her sister who encouraged her to build a career based on her love for makeup and so she did just that.

It was at this point that Huda Kattan created Huda Beauty. Who now make hair, skin and body products. They also offer the service of product reviews and beauty tutorials. What an empire.

Are you feeling inspired by Huda Kattan? Maybe you’re also a fan of makeup and have dreams of following in her footsteps. Something that I always like to think about in regards to a dream career is the importance of standing out. What can you do now to start preparing and planning your success? And, how can you make sure that you’ll be leaving your very own legacy behind?

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