Book Club: How To Live And Love That Single Life

Posted on Aug 2 2018 - 7:07am by Emma Philo

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There’s this whole taboo about being single and preaching that life – it’s not normal to go out on your own, you have to rush into finding someone, and you have to be falling over yourself trying to attract someone. That’s just what is drummed into us.

In a time where internet dating is so easy, with apps like Tinder that can change your relationship status in a swipe, dating has never been easier. The problem is – everyone’s at it, and not always for the right reasons.

Whether you have just broken up with someone, or you’re trying to get back on the saddle, dating is a crazy place – if you want to live your single life, or find some company, here are some books that will help you along the way.

For The Person Who Is Getting Back Into Dating

Things You Should Already Know About Dating You F***ing Idiot by Ben Schwartz

We’ve all been there, you haven’t dated in a while, and you’re feeling a little rusty. What do the youngsters do now on dates? What do they talk about? What is considered a normal conversation? Things You Should Already Know About Dating by Ben Schwartz helps ease your way back into dating, and gives you tips and tricks of the trade on how to have a great date. It’s not just any guide either – it’s very funny, which makes it all the more relatable for us. This book was a particular favorite for Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel – if it can work for them, we’re definitely giving this one a read!

Never Mind The Rules: The Alternative Dating Guide For Girls Who Want To Rock by Susan Hyatt

This book is unlike any other – it just speaks to you realistically about dating and how to assess whether you are getting what you want from your new relationship. It is sexy, fun and edgy, yet brutally honest and on-point, which is just the right kinda read to guide us onto the right path. Plus, it is a bit rock’n’roll which makes it badass and bold. Susan talks about her own experience when she was meeting her future-husband for the first time, and it’s powerful stuff!

For The Person Wanting to Celebrate Their Singleness

Single Girl Problems: Why Being Single Isn’t A Problem To Be Solved by Andrea Bain

Everyone seems to say that being single sucks – but does it really? Yes the heartbreak sucks, but once you get used to your own company, you have your own freedom to live your life selfishly. Andrea gets straight to the point and teaches us how to deal with the agonizing, “Have you got a boyfriend yet?” from family members and your friends that are trying to create an online dating account behind your back. This book teaches us how it’s great to be single, and how to be sassy, fierce and confident. This is definitely a book we need to read after a break up!

About The Art Of Being Alone by Janett Menzel

This book is a godsend when you feel under pressure to find someone. Dating isn’t a race, nor is it a game, don’t look for people to love you when you can’t even love yourself. This book gives you a helping hand and confirms the cliché, “You can’t be loved until you love yourself”, but also, “Love comes when you least expect it”. Nothing is more attractive than a confident woman who knows what she wants, and Janett is going to help you transform into her!

Now we have helped you find a book to get stuck into, what has helped you appreciate single life? Have you read any self-help books on the subject? We’d love to read your suggestions, because as always, they help any of us!

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