Aleali May: The blogger and stylist who works with music legends

Posted on Jul 27 2018 - 8:40am by Mia Gardner

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Aleali May is a style consultant within the entertainment industry… what a cool job, right? She’s worked with many clients and one of them has been the infamous Kendrick Lamar. It’s no surprise that creative geniuses are after her style because she is uber fashionable herself. Another thing that is great about her is that she’s often a flats over heels kinda gal too. We love her already.

Aleali May

In the fashion industry, heels are extremely popular, and I don’t know about you but if I’m not wearing them for a special occasion, I almost have a feeling of guilt in my stomach. And, to be honest, heels draw a lot of attention to you so if you want to be more experimental with your clothing, it’s nice to tone it down on the shoe front.

Aleali May

Therefore, Aleali May is a great blogger to follow if you relate to this. She is also known for her unique personal style. She often fuses streetwear with luxury which are two key elements that nail this style down to a T. She created her blog to use as a fashion diary to showcase her outfits for both work and leisure. And just last year she teamed up with a huge fashion company and created a product line of her dreams.

Air Jordan X Aleali May

Aleali May

In October 2017 she teamed up with Nike to create Air Jordan 1 Aleali May which made her the second woman to collaborate with them. As a sneaker-lover, this has been one of the highlights of her career and she should be immensely proud of herself.

But more on her impressive portfolio. She has styled 21 Savage, French Montana, Tinashe, Jaden Smith and Wiz Khalifa too. What a career?!  And in homage to this job of hers, we thought we’d dig in to her personal style.

Get Inspired by Aleali May

Aleali May

Oversized everything. Here, she is wearing a huge patterned shirt with flared and cut trousers of the same shade. It’s like putting on your Dad’s fave shirt and trouser combo from the 70’s but it’s super cool. The bright trainers and top make it pop too. And, of course, with the box purse and matching jewellery, she looks so edgy.

Aleali May

To dress like a rock star, all you’ve got to do is wear your fashion with confidence. There are so many different elements that make up this outfit of Aleali’s above. She’s wearing corduroy trousers, with a chunky belt, a bomber jacket with embroidery logos and a Nike bikini. How random but how cool? This is definitely an outfit of her’s that is more out there but all you need to replicate it is confidence. Have a think about the different pieces in your wardrobe that you would never have thought to put together. There will be endless combos, so have a go, get mix ‘n’ matching.

Aleali May

Whilst you’re at it, get crazy too. Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever seen hoops as big as these but I sure am digging them. With a minimalistic hairstyle, there is something perfectly imperfect about the whole look. This outfit is actually stunning and it definitely goes against the norm but it’s next level trendy. As in, ‘define-your-own-trendy’ trendy ?.

“Are you feeling inspired by Aleali May yet?”

Cr: Instagram @alealimay

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