Honey Mi Honey: The Sensational Japanese Clothing Brand Missing From Your Life

Posted on Jul 21 2018 - 7:00am by Mia Gardner

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If you aren’t yet hooked on Japanese fashion, you need to prepare yourself. Their clothing is becoming more and more popular amongst underground fashion brand lovers. I would say they have a certain je ne sais quois but I do know what is so amazing about them. It’s the clean and modern artistry that they manipulate depending on the audience they’re catering for. Within young women’s fashion, the vibes are incredibly #instaworthy (pssst Ariana Grande is a fan of them too). So, let’s take a look.

Honey Mi Honey

Yes, this picture above is some sort of soda float and not a gorgeous item of clothing but it’s this kind of random goodness that makes Honey Mi Honey who they are. If you plan on visiting Japan (the 2020 Olympics would be a great occasion), you need to add Tokyo to your to-visit list as this is where they’re based!

The Brand’s Fashion

Honey Mi Honey create their own trends. They’re the masters of design; they take ripped jeans, cuts and patterns to the next level. If you enjoy being particularly adventurous with your fashion then this is a brand well worth looking into. They have a modern and minimalistic logo if you’re into statement tees and plenty of other fashion items and accessories with a cute edge to them.

As you can see from the collection of images above, their products are also glam despite their simplicity. This unique combination is what provides us with the high-fashion looks that we find ourselves lusting after in magazines. You may be thinking, “but this is a random store in Japan and I don’t plan on going anytime soon”, and if you are, don’t worry. Honey Mi Honey ship internationally. And, it isn’t just clothes that they make — they make futuristic-looking jewellery, bags and shoes too.

Coture Social’s Style Tips

If you’re bored of shopping at the regular high street stores, brands like Honey Mi Honey could be the solution. Being adventurous by shopping at underground stores is rather handy. And that’s because you’re more likely to be original. And, by this I mean, every time you wear one of these pieces you’ll get a ton of compliments questions about where you got it from.

Honey Mi Honey

In addition to this, if you’re looking to experiment with your personal style, trying something different is always the way to go. There could be a new colour, a shape of garment or style of accessories out there that you are yet to fall in love with.

Honey Mi Honey

Cr: Instagram @honeymihoney_

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