Em Sheldon: Meet The Fashion And Fitness Fanatic

Posted on Jun 25 2018 - 7:18am by Emma Philo

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If you are a regular on the ol’ YouTube then Em Sheldon must ring some bells. As one of the leading British influencers, she has over 84k followers on Instagram and over 51k on her YouTube. She started up her blog EmTalks in 2012 and has never looked back! She originally created the blog whilst trying to apply to universities, to make her application stand out – within 10 months, she had won Cosmopolitan’s Best Newcomer Award!

Based between London and Leeds, the YouTuber-meets-blogger’s popularity has soared over the last few years thanks to her bubbly yet down-to-Earth personality, not letting her fame get to her head. Since she has finished university, she has pushed her blog more and more, and has dedicated herself to her “brand”.

Renowned for her trademark platinum blonde hair, Em covers a wide range of topics on her blog and on her YouTube channel – from subjects such as fashion to fitness, and also more serious, personal ones, talking about bullying and domestic abuse. Em is using her time in the spotlight wisely and make the most of her popularity to make her readers think, that’s for sure. Her blog is a great source of hope for those who have no one to talk to, like going to your big sister and asking for advice, and even for those who do have someone to talk to. Her blog is a destination for anyone and everyone, it’s not exclusively for fashion fanatics, or for the wanderlusters. So it’s no surprise that she gets over 150k hits per month.

Em is a huge fitness fan and usually can be spotted practicing her yoga moves or on her trusty spin bike, but in her vlogs and her blog articles, she shows how balance is key – yes, she does love a pizza (who doesn’t tbh?), but she also eats carefully. We love to read her recipes – her banana bread loaf is deeee-liiiish!

As well as having an interest in fitness, she has a keen eye for fashion trends – always one to trial run the latest trends for us, she probably helps us to save a few Pounds! Though she loves a designer purchase, she remains realistic and grounded – she mixes her luxury buys with high street finds for the perfect Instagrammable outfit. She loves a good Zara and Topshop haul, as do we! But seeing her pick out her next purchase at Bicester Village is also a true treat!

Like any influencer, whenever she does a video, she is sometimes accused of being sponsored, and therefore having a biased point of view. Em told Health Club Management a while back, “You could offer me a million Pounds to promote something, but if it isn’t true to me or it’s damaging to my audience, I’m not going to do it”. A quote that is so refreshing in our day and age, where, let’s be honest, there is a lot of sponsored content, and you don’t know what’s real and what isn’t. What makes her motivated to work with brands are those that are understanding – with Em’s popularity, she can’t post all her sponsored content in one day, there has to be structure. Luckily, a lot of brands understand this and let her do her thing! She has also taken time out to address how to become a blogger (for the right reasons), and has written articles for her readers on how she has achieved her success. Let’s get one thing straight – don’t do it for financial reasons!

As well as being a role model on the blogosphere, Em raises awareness for big topics as I mentioned earlier, but she also raises awareness for charities that she donates to. On a weekly basis, Em donates money to charities and she is a supporter of Mental Health UK, POTS UK (one of the illnesses her brother has, so she knows first-hand what the person goes through) and Behind Closed Doors – all of which have some sort of relevance to her and her life. It’s really inspirational to see a blogger donating to such great causes and not just splashing the cash! It’s definitely something we could all learn from.

Have you heard of Em? What has been your favorite article or video from her? Do you have any influencers to recommend to us? As always, we would love to know in the comments!

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