Ariana Grande: “I’m lovin’, i’m livin’, i’m pickin’… up a trendy new galactic style

Posted on May 14 2018 - 7:55am by Mia Gardner

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Right now, I’m in a state of mind. Ariana Grande ended April by releasing her brand new song, No Tears Left To Cry. It is, of course, incredible. Our fave pop princess has officially kickstarted her 2018 comeback and this was the perfect song for it. It’s light-hearted and fun but also empowering. And, her angelic vocals and harmonies paired with a deluxe quality up-tempo rhythm are just absolute bliss.

To go with the new track, she released a music video with a crazy galactic-city kind of vibe. She shows off her brand new aesthetic and we’ve got the inside scoop on the brands and products behind this new look.

Ariana Grande

But first, can we just take a moment to declare how much we’ve missed her! There really is only one Ariana Grande. Her music may be amazing but she, herself, is even better. She recently surprised many music-lovers on the second weekend of Coachella 2018. I know, as if our FOMO needed a boost, right? She put on a refreshingly exciting performance and these fans were the first to see her new look in person. Since then she co-hosted Jimmy Fallon’s entertainment show and it was epic.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s 2018 Style: The Kings & Queens Behind It

Law Roach is the mastermind stylist who dressed Ariana for the music video. He’s actually a judge for America’s Next Top Model and is known for his success with client and friend Zendaya. Since the video was released, he’s been sprinkling some fashion magic all over his Instagram. He’s blessed us all with her outfit details!

Chic in Green

Ariana Grande

This is the first of the three looks and it appears that Ariana is wearing a super cute minimalistic top with a stunning green ruffle skirt. The top is by Alexander Wang who is an American fashion designer and former creative director of Balenciaga. He’s known for featuring black as a dominant colour with a well-tailored fit being a key feature in his designs. The skirt is by Alexandre Vautier an up-and-coming French haute couture designer who has worked alongside Thierry Mugler and Jean Paul Gautier. His designs feature radical cuts and precision, always.

Iridescent Glow

Ariana Grande

This is the second look in the music video and the most sultry of them all. It’s giving us ‘Break Free’ throwbacks with the space-like style which really brings out the purple tones in her platinum hair. The iridescent white dress made of silk charmeuse is a custom piece by Ashton Michael. He’s a designer based in Hollywood with a super modern and diverse style. The gorgeous silver shoes are by Stuart Weitzman who is an American designer that has been credited for making some of the most expensive shoes in the world. Beyonce and Taylor Swift are also lovers of the brand.

Playful Polka

Ariana Grande

This final look from the video features a polka-dot empire line dress with red spaghetti straps. This is a design from Rasario which is a brand founded by Rasida Lakoba who creates incredibly feminine yet minimalistic cocktail and evening dresses. The thigh-high sock boots are by Lesilla, a brand who use ‘urban contaminations’ to give a rock-like accent to their collections. And, isn’t this look just fabulous?

The great thing about fashion is that everyone can take something different from it. It’s powerful. You can stumble across trending colours, funky patterns and new textures. Fashion is so experimental and you can create your own style through taking inspiration from others. So, that’s all for Ariana’s fashion but what about her hair and makeup?


This young woman is a performer, so when it comes to hairstyles it’s always off of her face. In the video, we saw her with much lower versions of her classic ponytail and half-up half-down styles. Something that was very new was the ultra-long high ponytail-plait combo. Ariana’s got quite a petite frame and these long hairstyles really do make her look like a real-life princess. We love that she has an identifiable signature style but is also able to switch it up whilst always incorporating her iconic look!


The makeup looks in the video are super sultry and gorgeously glowy. Her highlight is on point and her satin and glossy pink nude lips are luscious. Ariana often wears simplistic eyeliner and false lashes but in her video, she sported a few different winged eyeshadow looks. We can see lots of muted pinks and tins of gold — could this be our new makeup trend for the summer? I hope so.

The behind-the-scenes footage from the music video is officially out so if you can’t wait for her next single then you should give it a watch. She also announced that her new album will be out this summer! As fabulous as Ariana Grande’s new ventures are, we also wanted to take the time to send our love out to the victims and their families of the Manchester attack last year. ?

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