Ashley Graham: The curvaceous model and social businesswoman

Posted on Apr 26 2018 - 7:35am by Mia Gardner

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Why do we have to refer to certain women as “plus-sized”? There aren’t sections on clothing retailers’ websites that label the rest of the fashion as “average-sized”, so why do we need this separation? We’re in a time of need for female empowerment especially in regards to body acceptance and perhaps this means we need to re-brand what makes someone beautiful. Well, Ashley Graham is a 30-year-old model and body activist who has already made an immense impact on this issue.

Ashley Graham

Meet our newest #PowerCrush: Ashley Graham

She rocks her curves like no other and she looks amazing. Ashley literally radiates confidence and is one of the sexiest women alive. If you’re a fan of America’s Next Top Model you should recognise her. She’s now been an official judge for the show, working alongside Tyra Banks and Luxury Law, for the past couple of years.

Ashley Graham

On the show, she makes an excellent judge because she has expertise in multiple fields. She is a working woman who knows how to rock her paparazzi shots no matter how prepared she is for them or not. She’s always doing something interesting whether it’s travelling or modelling for a prestigious designer. So, she has an amazing life to capture moments of to present to her following on social media.

Her #PowerCrush Magic

One of her biggest successes is that she’s been able to create a fabulous underwear collection for curvy women that want to adorn their bodies. She teamed up with the Canadian clothing retailer, Addition Elle, to make luxurious lingerie.

Ashley Graham

But her other even bigger success is the book she released not so long ago called “A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty and Power Really Look Like”. In this book, she goes into detail about the evolution of the female body and her hopes for how it’s perceived in the future. She has also visited a variety of high schools in the US to talk about body image, acceptance and confidence too.

More Achievements

Ashley has done lots of modelling work and appeared on the covers of magazines including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle. This means that she’s built many rapports with designers because as a model, for different editorial campaigns, they’re always styling her in different designer outfits. She’s clearly a successful businesswoman and the key to this in 2018 is creating a brand for yourself.

This is something that Ashley knows lots about because she’s been able to take advantage of her unique look. It’s all about developing your own style, allowing your personality to shine through and working on things you’re passionate about. She is definitely an inspiration but it isn’t just her career that she’s bossing at the moment. Her fashion sense and style is bang on.

CotureSocial’s Get The Look: Ashley Graham edition

Ashley Graham

Fierce but cute. This is the first look that we’re loving from Ashley. Here, she’s flaunting her lovely legs with a wrap mini skirt and minimalistic heels. She’s paired it with a long-sleeve black turtleneck crop top for a glamorous yet reserved look. Even though this outfit is very out-there, this is the kind of combo that Ashley rocks even for casual wear. Take a leaf from her book: be adventurous.

Ashley Graham

This second outfit is super simple yet chic with subtle country girl vibes. A simple white shirt is super hot right now as it’s a versatile item that you can pretty much style with anything and everything. In warmer weather, you can tie it into a crop top and pair it with some fitted denim jeans. If you want to add that extra oomph then you can pair it with a vibrant shoulder bag to make a fashion statement.

Ashley Graham

Experiment with textures. There are so many different cuts of dresses which can complement a wide variety of figures. We’re predicting that extravagant sleeves are going to become even bigger this year. Whether you’re into ruffles or the more simplistic bell style, you may be surprised what could suit you. You never know until you try. What do you think of Ashley Graham’s style? Let us know in the voting section.

Cr: Instagram @ashleygraham

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