Maya Jama: The Television and Radio Presenter With Killer Style

Posted on Apr 21 2018 - 7:40am by Mia Gardner

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If you don’t know Maya Jama, well, it’s time to get know her. She is just 23 years old yet has acquired over half a million followers on Instagram despite having a career which isn’t directly in the limelight. She has major broadcasting skills and a killer personality which are just a couple of qualities that make her stand out. If you have caught a glimpse of the TV shows Trending Live or Cannonball, you’re likely to recognise her.

Maya Jama

#PowerCrush Magic

Maya has worked extremely hard to get to where she is now. A career in presenting is not easy. But this girl has a lovable personality and her natural bubbly-ness always shines through. The idea of having a job that focuses on grabbing people’s attention and providing them with entertainment would put a lot of people off because that is quite a lot of pressure, wouldn’t you agree? But not for Maya. She is a natural. She was born to do this.

Most recently, we saw her appear as a panellist on ITV’s Loose Women — a popular daytime British program that is stepping up their game by bringing diversity in age, careers and personalities to the panel every afternoon. Maya previously appeared on the show as a guest and spoke out about obstacles she overcame when growing up. So, it was extra special to see her return as an official LW.

In January, she announced that she is now a regular DJ on BBC Radio 1 and will be hosting her own show every Saturday. In addition to this, she said that she’ll be joining Scott Mills and Chris Stark every Friday on their segments too. It wasn’t long before this that she hosted the MOBO (Music of Black Origin) awards with Marvin Humes. Maybe it was thanks to this uber cool event that the BBC gang also realised how much she is loved by the public.

More on Maya…

We’re loving her accent. She’s actually originally from Bristol but has spent lots of time in London. There is just something about her voice paired with her humour and candidness that makes her so special. She is very active on her social media accounts and is always snapping up selfies with a range of celebs and friends too.

She knows so many people, right? Whether you’re a Love Island addict or a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan, we can guarantee that there is someone she has met that you’d dream of meeting too. There is also someone else you might recognise in the picture below who is rather famous too.

Maya Jama

It’s her boyfriend of three years, Michael Omari, also known as Stormzy. They may be in a relationship that has started to receive a lot more coverage in the public eye but it doesn’t define who she is as a person. Maya Jama is our #PowerCrush because of how amazing she is and how hard she’s worked to achieve all that she has.

Maya Jama: Get The Look

This girl isn’t just rocking her career, her wardrobe is popping. We’re always spotting her in truly amazing outfits and so we’ve picked three pics from her Insta. If you fancy taking a sneak peek into her Insta-wardrobe, have a little scroll and carry on reading.

Maya Jama

These black and white pinstripe trousers look incredible on her. Here, she has paired them with a black bra-let and bold red lip to make a bold fashion statement. This outfit would be incredible for the summer to stay nice and cool but comfortable too. Whilst looking smoking might we add.

Maya Jama

This next pic showcases the more adventurous aspect of Maya’s style. Here, she’s mixing vibrant fur with thigh-high sock boots, black denim and a vibrant tee. Of course, this wouldn’t be your everyday style but why not try mixing some pieces in your wardrobe and experiment with clashing patterns and fabrics to get that high fashion look?

Maya Jama

Streetwear is timeless. There are so many online brands that are selling super cool street-style pieces right now that you can get your hands on. Here, Maya has gone with a basic dark tee and faded straight-cut jeans. But, she has matched them with a bold-patterned oversized jacket, trainers of a similar hue with white trainer socks and a cool cap to top the look off. Looks like these are perfect for chilling out and doing whatever your heart desires. The alternative-edgy street style just looks naturally fashionable.

In addition to this, Maya also experiments with blocking colours for a more simplistic yet cool look. You will also spot her wearing feminine floral prints from time to time for more natural summer vibes. She’s clearly one fashionable young lady and we’re predicting that collaborations with clothing brands in the future at yet to come.

Cr: Instagram @mayajama

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