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Posted on Apr 12 2018 - 7:39am by Stella M

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Taha'a, French Polynesia

Other than the world-renowned Bora Bora in the French Polynesia, Le Taha’a also contributes to the attractive appeal of the country to visitors. This beautiful island is just one of the magnificent destinations among the hundred islands in an expansive stretch of the South Pacific. It’s a huge producer of vanilla in the country by way of its vanilla plantations. The enticing fragrant scent of vanilla seems to envelop the island, hence its given name as the ‘Vanilla Island’.

vanilla plantation on Taha’a

The relaxing nature of the island helps retain the magnificent charms of the conventional nature of Polynesia. All of its black pearl farms are accessible and open to the public for tours. It also boasts of les motus or mini islands along its outer fringes which are best for activities like snorkeling, sea kayaking and sunbathing.

Taha'a Motu Mahana

How can you relax on Le Taha’a?

The Vanilla Island

  • Visit the Scent Island

Le Taha’a is the producer of more than 80% of vanilla in Tahiti. Residents here own and operate agricultural sugarcane rum distilleries. You may explore the tiny villages across the island, experience the simplicity of island living or discover vanilla and pearl farms. There are also areas where you can gracefully swim with sharks and rays. Wouldn’t you crave that experience?

Le Taha'a Island Resort & Spa's private motu islet

  • Have a Motu Way of Life

Get your snorkeling in gear on the island’s coral garden while also enjoying the scenic view of Bora Bora in the background. Lunch time is perfect for giving your feet a pamper session as you soak them in the lagoon on a private motu coupled with a unique motu picnic. Scuba dive with big Napoleon wrasses, white and black tip sharks, parrot fish, barracudas, jack fish and a lot more. Unwind together with your loved ones in the open air resort spas. If you are in a creative mood, indulge in a ukulele or Tahitian dancing lesson.

stand boarding


And as nightfall starts, witness the fire dance by the beach offered to visitors.

Tahitian Dance

lagoon of Raiatea and Tahaa

  • Day Trip to the Sacred Island of Raiatea

You may also want to charter a catamaran to explore the lagoon between Raiatea and Le Taha’a. Have an enjoyable cruise on Tahiti’s only navigable river – Faaroa. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site Marae Taputapuatea and you will surely feel the Mana, a healing energy. Try one of the ancient hiking trails for a mountain adventure while also going further and climbing the Mount Temehani where the native Tiare Apetahi flower can be found.

La Plage Restaurant

There is no shortage of great dining options here.  Le Taha’a Private Island Resort & Spa fine dining restaurant Ohiri features sumptuous chef-created culinary selections and offers a romantic setting for those special occasions. Its main dining restaurant is Vanille offers Tahitian delights or wonderful treats to start your day while its Le Plage restaurant is at the poolside to offer you a tasty selection of grilled fish or meat.

Vahine Private Island,

An open-air and more intimate dining ambience is offered at Vahine Island Resort’s restaurant and bar, where exotic flavors coupled with local seafood, can be expected here with a French flair.

If all of this takes your fancy, you can get to Le Taha’a Island by plane, boat, or automobile. All French Polynesian international flights touch down at Faa’a Airport in Tahiti. It will take you 45 minutes onboard an airplane to get into Le Taha’a. The Navette shuttle boat and water taxis sail just south-east of the Raiatea Island traversing between Uturoa. There’s only one sealed road that runs around the main island perimeters of Le Taha’a and Raiatea.


Get the most of the island’s great weather during its drier, cooler winter season from May to October. Enjoy a flawless beach or enjoy a hike during the summer which starts from November to April. Book a trip for the island’s Heiva festival in July if you really want to see how the locals live. And if you do nothing else while at Le Taha’a, just relax and enjoy the view.

chillin' on the island

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