Who is Patricia Bright? Meet the stylish mum and insightful entrepreneur running an empire

Posted on Mar 28 2018 - 7:52am by Mia Gardner

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Wow, Patricia Bright. Where do we start? Firstly, we’re officially crowing her as ‘Business Woman of The Year’ as this 31-year-old just keeps on progressing in her career. She has achieved so much over the past few years and is one of the most inspirational young women in the UK. Patricia started out creating YouTube videos whilst attending university and she has transformed into a legendary #PowerCrush.

Patricia Bright

The Making of Patricia Bright

She is mainly a YouTuber who creates funny try-on hauls, makeup testing videos along with motivating lifestyle content. Her story is that she actually went to university to study Fashion Marketing but soon discovered that it just wasn’t for her. She jumped into something more prestigious: accounting. And it turned out to be one of the best decisions she ever made as it gave her the fabulous skill set and work ethic she has today.

Despite doing something more academic, she remained interested in fashion and her style is incredible. In addition to this, she then used her business skills to become an entrepreneur. Patricia Bright now runs her own company and sells hair wigs and pieces created for black women. Having hinted at many other things in the making too, we are excited to see what the future brings for her.

Why she’s wanted by so many brands

Patricia Bright has that warm and bubbly personality with just the right amounts of honesty and sass. Therefore, she’s irresistible to many brands who are looking to sponsor or work with her. We’ve seen her promoting a variety of companies mainly on her Instagram to showcase some fabulous photos. These include River Island, BooHoo, Innocent Smoothies, Dyson, Google, Huawei, and many more.

In addition to her savvy business assets, this influencer inspires her following to feel empowered through fashion. Patricia isn’t afraid to wear vibrant colours, funky shoes or slightly raunchy items. She often refers to her style as ‘bougie thot’ as she likes to feel sexy but glamorous.

Another cosmetic-loving #PowerCrush

Patricia Bright is without a doubt a makeup fanatic. As a black businesswoman in the industry, she has of course spoken out multiple times about the now popular issue of ‘makeup inclusivity’. If you aren’t too sure what this is, then you walk into your nearest drugstore, have a look at the shade ranges of different foundations. Unfortunately, you’ll see what Patricia refers to as a hundred ‘shades of beige’.

Patricia Bright

However, she is an advocate for brands such as Fenty Beauty who are setting stunningly high standards for other cosmetic companies. One way how Rihanna’s makeup brand did this was by releasing around 40 inclusive foundation shades within their initial product launch, something that has never been done before. We are crushing on Patricia mainly because of her confidence and candidness.

For example, she called out LA-based YouTuber Jeffree Star – who has allegedly made racial remarks in the past- saying that she and black women, in general, do not need him to defend them in regards to makeup brands excluding people with darker skin. She raised a great point on this issue: are influencers jumping on the ‘promoting makeup inclusivity’ movement as a marketing strategy?

This wise young woman has so much to offer intellectually and you could be in with a chance to learn what she has to offer very soon. Patricia loves to share her ideas because she is incredibly kind-hearted. She recently said that she is developing a course to help women become bosses in business which could be up and running in April.

Patricia Bright

She has so much that she wants to share including tips and techniques on how to run your own business. Are you itching to jump on to Patricia’s YouTube channel to find out more? Well, it gets better. She has another channel featuring vlogs. So, you can take a peek into her general lifestyle too.

She’s always achieving

Patricia doesn’t just get sent products to promote or review for her social media channel. She also gets invited on press trips too. Benefit cosmetics recently invited her to the Maldives for the launch of their new ‘Bad Gal Bang’ mascara. We also spotted her in Shanghai with Dior for a product line launch and she’s also attended the British Fashion Awards with Mac Cosmetics too.

Additionally, not long ago she purchased a new house with her husband. You can actually find snippets of their home in her vlogs. In the videos, you can see the sheer size of the house with lots of large open spaces and floor to ceiling windows. They also live with their toddler Grace who is just adorable and their home is beautiful.

Patricia Bright

She also has incredible interior decor skills but that could create a whole other article! What are you loving about Patricia Bright?

Cr: Instagram @thepatriciabright

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