Meet Patrick Starrr: The YouTuber Making History With His Inspirational Lifestyle

Posted on Mar 23 2018 - 7:08am by Mia Gardner

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We need MORE men in makeup. Along with those who currently exist, they still aren’t getting the full recognition that they deserve. So, here, at Coture Social, we have decided to introduce you to some of our male #PowerCrushes. And, to kick us off we have Patrick Starrr. He is a 28-year-old Philippino-American YouTube personality and beauty expert with a heart of gold.

Patrick Starrr

Additionally, he is an incredibly beautiful, selfless and inspirational person who we couldn’t be more honoured to appreciate. He works as a professional freelance makeup artist worldwide. Patrick has been working for years to get to where he is now which is a place in his life he never thought would be possible.

He is now an international influencer who travels around the world working with different brands and people doing what he loves: makeup. Patrick is originally from Orlando, Florida, but spends lots of time in LA and New York as he is always travelling for different work opportunities. How exciting?

Our Newest #PowerCrush

This young man has FOUR MILLION Instagram followers and over three million YouTube subscribers! He is worth crushing over because of how much talent he has – he practically oozes with it. Patrick Starrr creates a range of videos including makeup tutorials which seem to be his most popular category. We’ve seen him making up the faces of Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Jessie J, Keke Palmer, Shay Mitchell, and Ashely Tisdale.

But his list of celebrity encounters doesn’t end there, as you can see from the pics above, he’s worked with Tyra Banks and Fergie too! He also records surprise makeovers where has brings in a whole team of hairdressers and stylists to assist him in giving one lucky person the transformation of a lifetime. By doing this, he helps them to find their own style and fill them with the confidence they’ve always dreamed of having.

In addition to this, he specifically picks out those who are extra deserving with unfortunate financial struggles. To help with this, he gifts them with useful gift cards and kind money donations. You can watch one of his videos here, we dare you not to cry!

Additional Astonishing Achievements

Patrick Starrr recently featured on the cover of Team magazine which was his first cover shoot and spread ever. But, something even more impressive than attracting the media was releasing his own makeup products with no other brand than MAC COSMETICS! If you’re a fan of the brand already, you may have noticed a new range of glitzy products on their website.

The new collection features three luscious lip liners with separate lipsticks and glosses to match. Along with this, there are two eyeshadow quads and a universal translucent loose setting powder. The latter is becoming the star of the show as it is perfect for all skin tones which supports the makeup inclusivity movement everyone is talking about right now.

In addition to this, he was invited on to the set of America’s Next Top Model. He was there to help out and inform the contests for a challenge. This meant that he got to work alongside Tyra Banks and get a whole load of TV coverage too.

What is it that you’re loving about Patrick? We think that it isn’t just his makeup skills that should be celebrated. It is his heart-warming personality that shows off just how fabulous he really is. He recently shared a pic on Instagram with a note to his younger self. Within this, he hinted that he was super self-conscious in the past and had body image issues and was advising young Patrick to power through the negativity.

And boy, are we glad he did! We have never seen anyone like Patrick Starrr before. Even a single picture featuring his kilowatt smile is enough to brighten your day, wouldn’t you agree? He started out his career working at a MAC makeup counter and now he’s creating magic with them. If he isn’t someone to be feeling inspired by, WHO IS?! We love you Patrick ❤️

Cr: Instagram @patrickstarrr

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