Hayden Williams: Meet The King Of A Brand New Kind Of Glamorous Fashion Art

Posted on Mar 12 2018 - 7:57am by Mia Gardner

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Do you remember all those vintage-looking fashion design sketches you dreamed of being able to do when you were younger? Well, this dream is a reality for Hayden Williams as he’s really made it his own. This lovely young man is a 26-year-old fashion illustrator and designer that is making history with his unique art. More and more of his celebrity subjects are recognising him every day. So, we’re predicting big things are in store for this gentleman.

Hayden Williams

Our New #PowerCrush’s Work

Hayden Williams creates super cool conceptual designs. And, we’re predicting that he’s also currently working towards developing his very own fashion line. I mean, his design skills are out of this world, so that would be something truly special. After creating his art, he then edits it digitally and always finds intriguing ways of presenting it.

His work is most popular on Instagram as this is one of the most visual platforms and he can easily tag his subjects. Wouldn’t you find it so refreshing to see some contemporary art in your Insta feed? If the answer to that question is yes, you should go and give this genius a follow.

How gorgeous is his work? He is so incredibly talented and we are honoured to be sharing our love for his work with you. When Hayden was younger, he used to sketch Disney characters and it wasn’t long until his art progressed into something magical. As he became influenced by the fashion industry and its ubiquity, his drawings matured along with himself. They blossomed into stunning, intricate fashion illustrations.

He often draws different figures in popular culture including designers, models, singers, and actresses. By taking one look at his work, you can see how he uses a range of media to achieve everything from silky smooth skin and glossy hair to sparkly embellishments and different textured clothing.

He Is Always Achieving

Hayden Williams’s work has been noticed by Beyonce, Oprah, Naomi Campbell, Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande and many more. Rihanna actually used one of his illustrations as her Twitter profile pic. This then led to them meeting up, where she invited him to one of her concerts and asked to see his other work. Now, if that wouldn’t make you feel proud of how great your work is, what would?

A few years ago, he actually partnered with Kate Moss and Rimmel London which was one of his biggest projects yet to date. He got to work with the model to come up with illustrated fashion looks that were also catered to Kate’s personal style. In addition to super fashion oriented work, he’s always up to date on current trends and everything that is happening in the world such as the up and coming Royal Wedding.

Hayden Williams

Hayden Williams also knows his audience really well. Having acquired over one million followers on Instagram, he’s able to investigate what they like. For example, he recreated Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada which is something that would catch the eye of anyone who loves that film. In addition to this, he pays tribute to late singers like Michael Jackson and Aaliyah too.

We’re sensing that he is going to become a #FashionLegend as he has found a gap in the market. What we mean by this is that he had found a link between fashion and art that hadn’t yet been exercised to its full potential. And so, he’s fused that with his artistic talents to create this new form of fashion communication. We are declaring that Hayden Williams has the ultimate fashion designing skills and we can’t wait to see more…

Cr: Instagram @hayden_williams

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