Couture Surprises: the innovative bakery brand and how you could win their delicious treats!

Posted on Feb 23 2018 - 7:39am by Mia Gardner

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Gorgeous and scrumptious treats! Where? Tell me more. Couture Surprises are a blooming and exquisite bakery brand who specialise in cake pops and vanilla cookies. I’m hoping it isn’t just me whose mouth is watering already at this point. Not only does this business have ridiculously amazing baking skills, their designs are flawless and breathtakingly beautiful too.

Couture Surprises

By voting above for this article and signing up to our competition, you have the chance to win some goodies for yourself! But, before we showcase some more of Couture Surprises‘ delectable treats, let’s find out more about the mastermind behind the brand.

The Queen of Couture Surprises

The brand was created around four years ago after Vuyisa Henry decided to turn her passion into a career. What started out as a hobby of baking for family and friends has bloomed into something magical. After sharing snaps of her products online, it wasn’t long until she caught the attention of the Cake and Bake Show – a three-day exhibition at Earls Court for over 15,000 people.

We’re crowning Vuyisa as our newest #GirlBoss because she’s one of the most creative entrepreneurs we’ve ever met. She works solely by herself with everything from designs to baking events. Her hard work and enthusiasm provide opportunities for herself to explore her creativity through cake and chocolate candy. How fabulous?!

If you’re a lover of pink, then this is the perfect bakery brand for you! Vuyisa displays it all throughout her branding and logos as well as on the cakes themselves. Speaking of which, she strives to maintain a luscious and creamy texture in all of her products such as crumbly shortbread and irresistible cookies too.

Couture Surprises

In addition to this, with a choice of vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, oreo, banana, coconut (and many others) there is something to suit everyone’s tastes.

It’s all about customisation

Do you have any special occasions coming up soon or fancy treating your family to something sweet? Couture Surprises also offer a range of bespoke products including bridal favours, birthday treats, baby shower celebrations and many more. Vuyisa works very closely with her clients to turn their visionary dreams into reality.

Couture Surprises

What makes Couture Surprises so special?

Vuyisa consistently satisfies her customers and goes above and beyond for every order. Whether it’s dietary needs or customisation requirements, she never fails to reflect care and love in her brand. She is extremely passionate and dedicated to her craft. You can find her at Myddleton Road Market on the first Sunday of every month if you’re interested in trying sweet treats like rum and lemon cake!

Alternatively, you can order online! With shortbread, macaroons and an endless list of other surprises, why not vote for this article for a chance to win a free batch to get you hooked? Warning: they are dangerously delicious.

Cr: Instagram @couturesurprises

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