Couture Stalker: Get an insight into this stylish luxury fashion brand and win a free dress!

Posted on Feb 23 2018 - 8:44am by Mia Gardner

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Couture Stalker: a name to remember. This fashion brand is on its way to the top after its reboot in 2017 with a renewed vision. Affordable, stylish, and quality are just a few elements that make up this business. Do you fancy treating yourself this month with a new piece to change up your wardrobe? Well, by voting for this article and signing up to our competition you could win one for free!

Couture Stalker

All about the brand

Couture Stalker offers a fresh take on fashion with the aim to empower their customers. If you want to feel even more beautiful and enhance your figure no matter what shape you are, this is the brand for you.

The business’ name was inspired by popular culture TV shows. You know, the classic favourites, Sex and The City, Girlfriends, Gossip Girl… With the characters representing many fashionable women who are conscious of their outfit choices, each one is in fact, a fashion stalker. And, BANG, Couture Stalker emerged: a brand made to provide original designer goodies to those hunting down the deals.

They are available on Twitter and Facebook, but they mainly interact with customers through Instagram. Picture this: you’re scrolling through your Insta feed and spot an influencer casually posing in the mirror in a gorgeous body-con dress hugging all the right places and you can’t help but dream of swapping places. Well, Couture Stalker specialise in bandage dresses!

They believe that it is a perfect style because it can enhance your shape. It has a thick durable material along with a delicate sheen to add that extra bit of glamour too. This brand’s fashion is universal with boutiques in the United States sprinkling some of their magical fashion dust in the production processes too.

Wear it out

Couture Stalker outfits are fabulous for so many different occasions which is one of the things that makes them so unique. Whether you’re off to a cocktail party, after-work drinks, a nightclub or even a wedding, with their mixture of elegance and glamour, you can’t go wrong.

A look into the future

Couture Stalker is just getting started and we’re predicting big things for this brand and those behind it. They have dreams of opening an atelier-style boutique with an in-store seamstress to provide custom fittings. Along with this, they hope to gift wrap each individual item sealed with a handwritten thank you note. Now, with thoughtful and customer-experience-enhancing goals like this, they’re going to be making history.

Remember, you saw it here first and we’ve teamed up with Couture Stalker to offer you a chance to win one of their fashion items in our competition. So, if you’re interested (I know I am), it’s time to get voting!

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