Nikita Dragun: One of the youngest yet most powerful influencers in the LGBTQ+ community

Posted on Feb 6 2018 - 7:30am by Mia Gardner

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How much do you know about the LGBTQ+ community? Well, our newest #PowerCrush, Nikita Dragun, is enormously inspiring and has plenty of experience with this topic. This is because she is a transfemale who has built herself an extraordinary lifestyle. It’s filled with fashion goodness and dreamy celebrity encounters. Whatsmore is that we’re going to be covering all of this in today’s article…

Nikita Dragun

Who is Nikita Dragun?

She is a 21-year-old makeup artist and beauty guru living it up in the USA. She has built an empire with over 850,000 subscribers on YouTube where she creates all kinds of captivating videos. On Instagram, however, she has racked up a fan base of nearly two million followers. When scrolling through her Insta, it isn’t easy to tell that she’s transgender which is shocking in all the best ways.

However, she is a proud transfemale and her journey is massively inspiring. Nikita Dragun uses her popularity on YouTube to address a range of issues surrounding this topic too. It wasn’t long after President Trump’s inauguration that he took out controversial actions such as revoking transpeople’s public bathroom rights. Nikita is extremely passionate about ensuring trans-equality and she has played a big part in raising awareness of it.

Her Career

Thanks to Nikita Dragun’s hard work in establishing an impressive online career she is able to take full advantage of exceptional opportunities. She is specifically popular within the American beauty community on YouTube and she has made many friends with others alike. We’ve seen her hanging out with Manny MUA, Jeffree Star and many more.

Nikita Dragun

The videos she creates for her YouTube channel consist largely of exuberant makeup tutorials. But, she’s always mixing them up to generate enticing content such as working with brands to test out different products. In addition to this, creates personal vlogs and opinion videos on a variety of issues within the LGBTQ+ community.

Her #PowerCrush Moment

Nikita Dragun

Saphira (left), Khaleesi (centre), Cassie (right)

Last year, Nikita Dragun collaborated with Bellami Hair to create her own line of wigs. The collection consisted of three different colours of the same, 28inch long and sleek hairstyle. The colours consist of pastel egg blue (Saphira), platinum icy blonde (Khaleesi), and candyfloss pink (Cassie). She actually decided to market them in relation to how wearing those wigs made her feel. An interesting technique, don’t you think? Ultimately, these wigs are luxurious and a magnificent product to kickstart her product launches.

Nikita Dragun

You may have noticed that the blonde wig was called Khaleesi. We’re assuming that she was inspired by Game of Thrones’ character Daenerys, Mother of Dragons. It is actually also Nikita’s nickname and you can see she has a few dragon tattoos too.

The ‘Nikita Dragun’ style

So, our #PowerCrush is also known to have an eccentric style and she isn’t afraid to flaunt what she’s got. Therefore, we thought we would give you a rundown of some of her best outfits. In need of some wardrobe inspiration? Look no further.

Nikita Dragun

First, we’ll be taking a look at this spicy oriental co-ord she’s rocking. Here, Nikita is wearing a silk two-piece consisting of a crop top with spaghetti straps and a high waisted mini skirt. The red silk contrasts really well as a background underneath the floral embroidery. This would make a gorgeous outfit a fancy girls night out! The zip detailing on the skirt also means you could glam it up further with silver jewellery.

Nikita Dragun

Secondly, sticking with the silk theme, we thought that this dress was beautiful. The colour is on another level as it is the perfect burnt orange to enhance a tan whether natural or fake. The ruffles create a silky gradient that is figure hugging yet flattering at the same time. Here, Nikita has paired it with gold jewellery, nails, and shoes but you could experiment with silver or copper too.

Nikita Dragun

Thirdly and finally, Nikita matched two extremely different but existing trends to create the ultimate ‘cool chick’ combo. She paired an elegant black lace bodysuit with a streetwear-vibey green camo print skirt. These two elements create a unique fusion that could allow you to dress both up and down. Glam it up by pairing with heels and a faux fur jacket of the shoulders. Or dress it down by pairing it with basic vans and a black hoodie.

Other elements of her style include bright statement pieces and contrasting different materials and textures. As you can see, she has a style and aesthetic like no other, which is why it’s no surprise that Kim Kardashian is a fan too. She spotted her online via social media and invited her to her launch of KKW beauty.

Nikita Dragun

So, what are your thoughts on Nikita Dragun? She really is like no other and we hope you’re feeling inspired too.

Cr: Instagram @nikita_dragun

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