The Yacht London: A Decadent Dining Experience and Delightful Riverside Views Worth A Million

Posted on Feb 3 2018 - 7:46am by Andia R

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Experience the panoramic views of the Thames, the Southbank, the Shard, the Big Ben and London Eye while taking delight in savouring scallops for a starter, confit duck & belly pork for the main dish and lastly a stem ginger & salted caramel cheesecake for dessert with several glasses of Prosecco.

The Yacht London is an exquisite way to watch life go by on the shore. How many times can you say that you had a delightful meal on a million pound yacht? Located just 10-15 Minutes away from the Cutty Sark and the DRL, along the Thames, it’s a pleasant place to stop and recharge your batteries when visiting Greenwich.

If you are thinking that The Yacht London is just reserved for that special occasion, think again. They do have specials or meal deals on certain days of the week. For instance, they serve afternoon tea on Thursday to Saturday ONLY from 12 pm to 3 pm. So if you are lucky enough to not be at work during this time or have the luxury of taking longer lunches, why not unwind in this splendid atmosphere? Those who have had a great start to their working week can also indulge a glass of Laurent Perrier Champagne.


Whether male or female, you will increase your chances of getting on the yacht if you are stylish. After all, The Yacht London is an experience and if you look great, promoters could consider you as part of the deco as these lucky ladies discovered. Getting in is like getting into an exclusive club. If the doorman considers that you’ve made an effort to look good and that you have the money to spend, he is very likely to put you in front of the line, get you for free or put you on a guest list. And this is exactly what we do best at Coture Social; we give you tips on how you can look, feel and be your best so that you can be social and famous anywhere.

While its membership includes judges and foreign ambassadors, The Yacht London is not open to the public unless you wish to make a booking with its restaurant. Its networking club wants to ensure the privacy of its members and so if you get the opportunity to consider it as a venue for your next business deal, then it is worth looking into.

But until then, you can experience its glory through your taste buds. Feast your eyes on their Hot Seafood Platter comprised of delicious helpings of baked crab, scallops, tiger prawns, baked oysters au gratin and mussels. This is enough to satisfy any seafood lover! Apart from private dining experiences, your special wedding day can also take advantage of the beautiful riverside magic that is present all year round.

How often can you have an unforgettable experience combined with beautiful views of the river? Life is simply too short. It’s time to have fun and dine out with your friends, as you take selfies with the beautiful scenery as your backdrop. Come on. Dare to be sassy. You’re the leader your friends are looking for.

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