Akothee: A Taxi-Driver Turned Songstress Living A Millionaire’s Lifestyle

Posted on Jan 25 2018 - 7:40am by Andia R

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She is sensational and flamboyant.

Who says the best years of your life are before 3o? In her thirties, she is sassy, curvy and hot with growing social circles that allow her to party in France and shop in Italy. Her children enjoy holiday trips around the world while she attends concerts in choppers, drives flashy cars and lives in lavish houses. This is Akothee; full name Esther Akoth. Her beginnings were not ideal as she married at the age of fourteen and was dumped at sixteen with four kids to take care of all by herself. Judging from the lavish lifestyle she commands, it is a no wonder reports say she is Kenya’s richest female artist.

 While many of us still dream of owning our first home, it seems that Akothee was always driven to pursue her dreams, despite her past. She owns a luxurious apartment on the North Coast of Zurich Switzerland and a luxurious house on the North Coast beachfront worth $ 1.2 million. It is located in the rich man reserve of the Kenyan Coast.

Another one of her lavish houses is in the leafy suburbs of Nairobi estimated to be $800,000. Her retirement multi-million home is in Rongo- Nyanza region in Kenya, valued $ 1M. Someone clearly knows the value of investing in property!

And that’s not all. She also has a knack for expensive toys. Her collection of high-end cars includes Mercedes SLS, Range Rover, and several Land Cruisers all worth about $970,000. She also bought a family van said to carry her entire family including house help and her pet dogs.

To add to her collection, she has sleek German Machine with its gleaming silver glory. Rumor has it that the two-seater 2016 AMG SL 63 Convertible Roadster will sweep your account a cool worth $ 145,000. This was a gift to herself when she won the East African’s Best Female Artist.

Before that, her Swiss Lover had gifted her with a red Ferrari worth $ 300,000 when she announced she was pregnant with twins. As if that is not enough, she shows off a Deck boat her husband gifted her while in Switzerland after agreeing to marry him. And gossip has it she is shopping around for a jet. Money clearly does buy style in her case!

Lows have still continued after success which has made her self-dependent. She divorced her previous husband after the loss of her sixth baby, which was not long after their lavish wedding in Johannesburg. While many might criticise her for this, Akothee explained that a man must fit her programme, not the other way round. She couldn’t sacrifice her career to keep her marriage, so she quit. While some of us would do anything to save our marriage, this lady needs no criticism. This is a perfect example of a strong woman who is determined to be a success, no matter what stands in her way.

Now, the celebrated songstress is said to be in a relationship with her handsome manager Nelson, alias Nelly Oaks. Gathering for the pictures she shared, you could also believe the rumour that they are in love with each other and are not afraid of showing it.

However, recently their activities on social media have been slow eliciting a rumour the two are no longer an item. But, never disappointing in terms of surprises,  Akothee revealed her plans to have her sixth child with her manager Nelly Oaks – who will be baby daddy number four!


After she was seen taking romantic photos with her manager, she also took some time off to spend Christmas with her Swiss baby daddy. She praised him for spoiling her family on Christmas day. Even though they are not an item, she confessed to still love her aged baby daddy. He fathered her youngest son Oyoo showing us that families and relationships come in different forms and sizes. No one who conformed to the norm has ever been a success; those who are unique and live life as they wish without excuses are the ones who are confident enough to take a leap into the dangerous waters of success.

Despite her success, she still keeps in touch with her humble roots. Akothee has a large piece of land in her rural home of Migori where she has invested heavily.

Her birthday was one of the opportunities she took to flaunt her farming skills to her fans. She took photos of her tethering a dairy cow while clad in a protective coat and gumboot.

The once a taxi driver, desperate to feed her 4 kids, now had an overseas and local manager. She is mainly booked to perform at private functions. One of them being the Grand Prix Motor Show in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Reports have it she was paid $ 20,000.

 She also keeps style at the centre of her motivations and is known to shop in trendy stores in Europe. She treated herself with an expensive 18 karat gold designer glasses worth $ 1200 for her birthday.

When she is not being controversial, a doting mother or making music, she’s busy showing off her fashion style. She knows her body too well and knows what is right for it. Never afraid to show off her legs.

She killed it with her hot yellow top complementing her voluptuous figure. Her blue sneakers also look amazing and she is never shy about showing off her curvy legs.

Even though Akothee started off her life on a low note, she has now made it and will continue to grow. If she can turn lemons into a lemonade, so can you.

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