Shannon Hamilton: The Extremely Inspirational Jamaican Instagrammer and Model!

Posted on Jan 22 2018 - 7:36am by Mia Gardner

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Shannon Hamilton is a Jamaican Instagram baddie with an amazing and luxurious lifestyle. As well as the life she has worked hard to create for herself, Shannon genuinely has a passion for what she does! In addition to this, fashion and beauty is totally her thing and her #Instalife is uber cool.

Shannon Hamilton

So, do you want to find out more about this queen? Well, you already know the basics and now it’s time to find out even more! Also, would you like some top tips on how to make your Insta account look super interesting? Or even info to help it pop and get you noticed, keep an eye out for our advice at the end of this article.

Shannon Hamilton: Who is she?

This charming chick is a social media influencer who you can find on the likes of Instagram and Twitter. She makes her living through exclusive brand deals and partnerships as well as being absolutely stunning of course.

Above all, Shannon Hamilton shares photos wearing different labels from various companies and designers. These include online sensations such as Fashionnova, Meshki Boutique and Lilly’s Kloset.

Ultimately, she never fails to look amazing no matter what she is wearing. Her general lifestyle posts are also super popular too. Whether she’s abroad in Jamaica or in California at Rodeo Drive, Shannon always slays the game.

Obstacles Overcame…

Firstly, last year, Shannon was actually a victim of a shooting and the damage caused left her in a critical condition. She claims to have connected with God who helped her recover and she’s extremely grateful for everyone that helped. Shannon is such as inspiration because she works hard for what she wants and doesn’t let anything get in her way.

Shannon Hamilton

Secondly, she was able to defeat all the odds and overcame being shot multiple times, having broken legs and going through rehabilitation to learn to walk again. That’s right, she learned to walk and now she’s strutting around ever so fashionably in high heels. YOU GO GIRL! Her #Instalife is inspirational and she has acquired over 69K followers.

The Best Friends

So, it’s likely that you may recognise one of those chicks in the first photograph and that’s because it’s Winnie Harlow. Both herself and Shannon seem to have an amazing #Instaworthy friendship and these two put together creates pure magic for those much-loved selfies.

Shannon Hamilton

In addition to this, we are crushing on Shannon Hamilton’s style in regards to both her fashion and beauty. Her personal style is effortlessly chic and street whilst her makeup and hair look flawless and enhance her best features.  Her figure is slim yet curvy and most clothes fit her like a glove. Are you feeling #MajorlyJealous yet?

Shannon Hamilton

Even the simplest of makeup compliments her look and the minimalism is perfect for those model-esque Inta pics. If you’re looking for any inspo, Shannon’s social media platforms are the place to be!

Coture Social’s Top Tips for Creating an Impressive Instagram

It’s time to say goodbye to those boring themes that have been limiting what you can and can’t post. Consequently, you should now welcome brighter colours, long-shot selfies and pics on location. Firstly, we think that the more vibrant your profile is the more interest it will generate. Your followers will be completely drawn in and be scrolling for days…

Shannon Hamilton

Secondly, we think that the backgrounds in your pictures are important too. These days, with the location tagging feature people, are always interested in where you are and what you’re up to. Therefore if you can jazz this up and create a little more excitement rather than typical product flat-lays (which are still attractive once in a while) you’ll have a bigger following in no time.

It goes without saying that Shannon Hamilton is a perfect example, and don’t forget to add cute vids and any of your own inspiration too!

Cr: Instagram @badgyalshanshan

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