Lauren Bullen And Jack Morris: Instagram’s Power Couple Taking Down One Country At A Time

Posted on Jan 11 2018 - 7:54am by Dhwani B

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It is absolutely amazing when you have every star aligned for you! Some things just make you so envious that you want it all and this powerful couple is just that! Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris of Gypsea Lust and DoYouTravel, respectively, have created an Instagram empire straight out of a fairytale.

Having met in Fiji last year on a project, these two have been an inevitable part of each others’ lives and the moments that they create together are paradise in front of your eyes. The couple have traveled to 45 countries together and have been giving us some major #travel goals to add to our bucket lists.

Jack and Lauren both have an easy going style with a hippie and boho touch but what makes their Instagram feed pop is the exotic locations and those adorable moments. Getting out of their regular jobs and turning their passions into a ‘money-making machine,’ both Lauren and Jack have come a long way! Lauren started off as a dental assistant and was someone with a penchant for capturing moments on her camera as a result of self-teaching. Jack, after running away from his job of cleaning carpets, used Instragram as a marketing tool for other niches and tried to make enough money to make ends meet so as to not go back to his previous job. So how exactly did this couple get from their normal, mundane lives to this?!


Like being picturesque in Rome?

Or being exuberant in Egypt?

Or leaving us baffled with their love and that breakfast in Belgium! Like is this even for real!

Well, they met doing what they loved and after meeting each other, they knew they just had to be together. Moving base to Bali and travelling extensively from there, both Jack and Lauren had a tryst with faith when they realised that their following grew massively once they shared moments of their travel together as a couple. Call it luck, but something really clicked and they haven’t stopped since.

What they bring to the Instagram floor is the authenticity of their love and every frame they create makes time freeze! It is actually their love that seeps through the pictures and makes their followers look upto them even more!

Exciting? Check! Staggering Wardrobe? Check! Some Giraffes? Double check! This has got to be one of the most crazy and wild thing that anybody would want to experience. How can it not be the dream when everything, from the way the table is laid to their way of exchanging those looks, is gripping.


And of course, any romantic love story would be incomplete without that perfect shot next to the Eiffel Tower or something even more stunning in the streets of Paris. What Lauren and Jack do differently is hit two birds with one stone and get their perfect moment right in front of an world treasure.




The above is definitely a cliché thing for any couple, but we still love what we see in this frame. The land of Santorini has been graced and we love how! Co-ordinating outfits and looking so surreal next to each other, Lauren and Jack are food for our eyes.  The background sets the perfect mood for this moment and we adore the calming effect of this picture. This is exactly what the audience connects with. Love, which isn’t mushy or boastful, and content that comes straight from the heart!

Amidst their travel to India, Jaipur and Agra, being culturally rich, immensely popular with its traditional heritage and so densely beautiful, was one of the stops. It happened to witness the power couple and we were stoked. Rising above all, the couple can be seen on top of one such Fort in Jaipur living their lives fully. They make the world strive for so much more because of their travelling dream. Plus they look like a vision doing it and they’re making a 6 figure salary out of it!

Taking things a step further, the couple have now released their Lightroom Presets and editing tutorials making their sought after style even more available for everyone else!

Jack and Lauren totally make us believe in the best of things and that means that a couple that eats together and travels together is certainly meant to be together. Everyday that they spend together is surely never less of an adventure and this has to be the perfect idea of a modern day romance!

Cr: Instagram @DoYouTravel   Instagram @Gypsea_Lust

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