Missguided has launched the MOST empowering campaign encouraging body positivity!

Posted on Jan 9 2018 - 10:09am by Mia Gardner

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The trendy UK-based fashion retailer, Missguided, has released some amazing pictures in their new campaign. They have also completely revamped their ‘babeZINE’ blog where they feature fashion content along with info about their team. This fabulous clothing and accessory company are currently pushing a #KeepOnBeingYou movement. They are on a mission to inspire women worldwide to love themselves!


Missguided wants their customers to embrace their flaws and to stop striving for non-existent body perfection. To kick-start this event they have made a pledge to never retouch their models’ perfect ‘imperfections’ and this is where #MakeYourMark was born.

The Models

“Female empowerment is the constant uplift and appreciation for all women”

“We go through so much as a woman, through our bodies, through our mental health, we are such amazing creatures”

“My favourite part of my body genuinely is my stretch marks, after years of hating them, now I can actually see the beauty”

The Campaign

Missguided created a stunning photoshoot with nine diverse models who also love the brand. They dressed them up in some of their luxury underwear sets along with gorgeous accessories to match and show off their bodies. They interviewed each woman as well as taking their pictures and creating stunning videography for the campaign too.


In addition to this, they collaborated with a collage artist to give their followers a chance to get their ‘tiger stripes’ glittered up. And, to win a wad of cash to splash out on Missguided merch too. On their social media platforms, they then encouraged people to tag them in selfies revealing their stretch marks.

Slaying The Controversy

Despite the positive message they were creating, some ‘haters’ claimed that Missguided had photoshopped stretch marks onto their models for the campaign. How ridiculous? This was not the case and the model spoke out about how they are real and how happy she was that Missguided decided to keep them there.


A Journey To Success

However, the campaign has been incredibly successful and lots of women around the world are speaking out on social media. People are talking about how they feel Missguided is setting high standards and how #MakeYourMark has made their year.

This event has generated so much love and positivity! Missguided have taken this opportunity to show off their diversity along with the beautiful garments they’re constantly creating. On the campaign’s webpage, they have labeled all the items worn so you can see them on a range of body shapes and sizes too.


Let’s start off the new year feeling empowered! #MakeYourMark

Cr: Instagram @missguided, Cr: missguided.com

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