Victoria Magrath – In The Frow And Onto Our Screens

Posted on Jan 6 2018 - 7:30am by Emma Philo

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You may know blogger and YouTuber Victoria Magrath better as In The Frow, or you may even recognize her from the latest Ted Baker Christmas campaigns. Either way, she is rapidly becoming a household name, but she’s already taking the fashion and beauty industry by storm.

She started off her journey as an influencer whilst completing her Fashion PhD all whilst juggling a job as a Fashion Marketing Lecturer at the University of Manchester. Whenever Victoria writes a piece for her blog, or just when she talks in hauls, she is eloquent and it’s not hard to notice her true passion for style and beauty. Could you imagine having her as a lecturer at uni?

Victoria was instantly recognizable with her trademark purple hair, and had a unique, smart, almost preppy edge to her outfits. Though her style has somewhat matured over the last few years, and she has changed her pastel locks to silver then platinum blond, her enthusiasm and her humility has made her a favorite in the blogosphere, and also in the world of fashion influencers.

In The Frow was created thanks to her fashion background and the title came from an Alanis Morisette song. Shortly after the launch of the blog came her YouTube channel, and both medias have gained her millions of adoring fans from all over the world. Her timeless, feminine and chic ensembles that she posts on social media have got us all in complete awe. The blog started with reviews of beauty products before she decided to branch out into other topics – fashion, then lifestyle and travel. Although, she hasn’t totally stepped away from her original style, and still reviews beauty products today. Within its first six months, Victoria won Company Magazine’s Best Newcomer Award, at which, funnily enough, she had interned at before becoming a lecturer. After this, the nominations just followed! She has also been nominated for Glamour Woman Of The Year and has won Best UK Fashion Blog in the Vuelio Blog Awards for two years running! The self-confessed work-a-holic has given everything over the last few years to make her blog one of the most influential in the UK, and even in the world!

Her style has captured the hearts of not only many fans, but many brands. In 2017, Victoria became a Beauty Ambassador for L’Oréal Paris, and just a few months ago, became an ambassador for beauty destination, Feel Unique. She has also been a face in the latest Prince’s Trust campaign, alongside celebrities such as Cheryl Tweedy. Proof that not only her fans believe in her work, but so do amazing brands! More recently, she was revealed as the face for the Ted Baker Christmas campaign, and took our breath away in a series of gorgeous outfits!

Ted Baker isn’t the only brand that Victoria has been fortunate enough to work with – in fact, you can even add brands such as Burberry, maje, Dior, ghd, Topshop, Givenchy Beauty and Viktor and Rolf to the list! Although her dream job was originally working in marketing at Net à Porter, working with such brands is everyone’s dream, and she feels extremely privileged. That’s probably what makes her so relatable, her humility. The more her blog has grown, the more premium brands get in touch with her, but despite this, you can still see the odd haul here and there from Topshop or Asos! Her style mixes high street with more luxury purchases, and her wardrobe is enough to make anyone envious!

Despite having a jaw-dropping wardrobe, Victoria often teams up with charities and gives away her old items. As a fashion blogger, it is important that she is up to date with latest trends, and of course wears them, so those pieces she just doesn’t get so much wear out of either go to her loved ones or to charity. In 2016, she teamed up with the British Heart Foundation to open up her own pop-up store in London, where she met up with friend Vloggers Lydia and Lucy Connell and Amelia Liana to raise money for the charity.

All in all, we can’t wait to see what Victoria has in store for us in 2018 – which brands would you love to see her collaborate with? And what would you love to see on her YouTube channel? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

How To Get To The Top And In The Frow!

  1. Work hard – seems simple, right? For the blogging industry, you definitely need to be hard on yourself, and get typing whenever you can! The more work you do, the more your blog will blow up!
  2. Experiment – Victoria’s style has evolved quite rapidly over the last 2 to 3 years. If you want to be in the blogosphere, you have to experiment and make sure you are the first to know, and inform your readers about everything!
  3. Give back – We love the fact that Victoria makes good use of her old purchases and gives them to charity – who knows, you may have a Victoria Magrath piece in your wardrobe?!

Cr: In The Frow, aka Victoria Magrath.

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