The Mysterious Manga-Inspired Influencer With Extraordinary Style

Posted on Jan 5 2018 - 7:30am by Mia Gardner

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Just when you thought Instagram was already diverse enough, more and more influencers continue to shock its users. Our newest recruit to our #Instalife community is this amazingly creative girl with no name. Well, she isn’t actually nameless but there sure is a lot of mystery about her. Her username was inspired by the word ‘melanin‘ and she’s previously said that her nickname is Bee…


This is because her real name is apparently difficult to pronounce. And, we don’t doubt her because she’s got incredible Fulani heritage too. Meaning that her ancestors are from West Africa. In addition to this, Bee has an incredibly unique look, unlike anything you have ever seen before!


Bee has gained 374 thousand fans on Instagram who are all lovers of her original look. She takes advantage of her large social media following by showing off everything she’s loving. Bee promotes brands such as Sugarbear hair care and pages of designers she likes. In addition to this, she takes lots of gorgeous selfies no matter what she is doing.

We often see her kicking back, chilling and watching popular television shows like ‘Stranger Things’. Her #Instalife is clean, fresh and perfectly in sync with her theme that focuses on contrasts with the colour white. She’s an influencer to aspire to be like, wouldn’t you agree? And, if you’re confused about her style, well, there is no need to be because we found out all about it.

Her Mysterious Look


Bee is a fan of Japanese television animation and comics. There is a manga series called Jormungand and one of the characters has darker skin with pure white hair. Bee often wears a white wig which really makes her stand out from the other ‘typically pretty’ social media influencers.

Her pictures capture lots of people’s attention on the popular explore page and she occasionally switches up her hairstyle too. She swaps back to her black wig every now and again but she knows her fans are in love with the paler hair.

Bee is also super into fashion with a unique sense of style. She actually supports handmade and sweatshop free clothing such as the brand Bangkok. She wears lots of their pieces, especially in her favourite colour white.


Whilst her aesthetic remains simplistic, she never fails to be original and she plays around with her style by contrasting colours and materials. Bee also loves her loungewear and always looks edgy and cool yet relaxed at the same time.

There is actually a concept called ‘athleisure’ which is when athletic wear is worn at leisure and this is one of her go-to’s. She often wears the brand Goodbye Bread and she always tags them on her insta-pics.

Melvnin Artwork

Bee has lots of talented artistic fans who frequently create breath-taking illustrations of her showing that they have clearly been inspired by her profile. She then often features them on her profile and tags the creators so other people can give them credit and follow the link to their channels too. What an amazing way to interact with her fans, right?

Doing this is a great way to show off that her following is authentic and genuinely interested in the content that she creates. Bee is clearly a truly inspirational influencer and we’re predicting big things for her! With interests in fashion and beauty maybe we could see her creating her own product lines one day.

In addition to this, we also think that she is the type of person who would be very successful on YouTube. Do you have a unique look whether it is natural or artificial? Show off your creativity and share your talents!

Cr: Instagram @melvnin

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