Jazzma Kendrick: The model with the Barbie-like waistline slaying the social media game

Posted on Jan 2 2018 - 7:01am by Mia Gardner

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Jazzma Kendrick is a 21-year-old model and social media star. She’s worked on both runway and print fashion campaigns. Consequently, she’s already well into the industry despite being a young model. Do you want to find out more about her luxurious lifestyle and what she is doing at the moment? Well, you’re in the right place. Just keep scrolling…

Jazzma Kendrick

Everything you need to know

This model has a diverse portfolio, an immense figure and a name to remember. Doesn’t she just scream #GirlPower to you? Jazzma has walked the catwalk for Lycra Mercedez Benz Swim Week as well as appearing in Aruba’s 60 Years of Diamonds carnival. In addition to this, she has been in Italian Gentleman’s Quarterly too!

But, let’s take a quick look at her life before modeling. This young chick was actually born in Miami. She studied business management at Rutgers: the state university of New Jersey-Camden. Jazzma has got the brains and good looks – the ultimate combo for entrepreneurial models, right?

It was then in 2009 when Jazzma decided to register with an agency (GES Models) which officially kickstarted her career. She was actually a manager of VIP services at a nightclub at the time but she was in search of bigger and better things. This girl went after what she wanted and is finally living the lifestyle we all dream of.

Dreams Can Come True

Jazzma rose to fame socially from her Instagram account. She is known as the girl with the ‘Barbie-like’ waist which is incredibly eye-catching. Apparently, she achieved it by wearing a corset but we know that she naturally has a killer frame too. She’s actually been in the media for a range of different things not just because of her #Instaworthy lifestyle and modeling triumphs.

Jazzma Kendrick

She was apparently spotted with Vladimir Dornin who was allegedly dating Naomi Campbell at the time. I mean, this girl is gorgeous surely so many guys – taken or not – couldn’t help but want to check her out. On the other hand, Jazzma does not need a man or male attention for happiness or success. She’s doing it all by herself.

Jazzma Kendrick only started posting on Instagram in 2014 and in less than four years later, she’s gained a large fan base. With over 300 thousand followers, she is slaying the social media game.

Jazzma Kendrick

Her Other Adventures

Her fans don’t just follow her for her beautiful model snaps, they’re interested in her fashion too. We’ve seen Jazzma promoting a variety of her favourite brands. Such labels include brands like Meshki Boutique and Effek Beachwear. Additionally, Jazzma also posts lots of lifestyle content which we just love.

We often see her traveling the world with her friends hitting up all of the most exclusive locations. We’ve seen her hanging out in Amsterdam, Mexico, Paris, and many other exciting locations.

Jazzma is an inspiration and a symbol of the fact that you can achieve anything if you put in the hard work and have a genuine passion for what you’re doing. She showcases her aspirations and achieves them; Jazzma is totally empowering. She is known for doing lots of modeling for swimwear and underwear but her ready-to-wear fashion sense is spot on. Let’s take a look.

Coture Social’s Fashion Tips Inspired by Jazzma Kendrick


Jazzma Kendrick

Don’t wait for certain seasons of the year to inject colour into your wardrobe. Follow Jazzma and rock those vivid brights or baby pastels whenever you want. Never limit your colour palette either, in fashion there are no such things as “I’m too pale for this” or “I’m this colour is too light”. It is all about experimenting. You never know what looks you could be pulling off if you don’t try them!



Jazzma Kendrick

Floral patterns are a classic and they’re always super trendy. Why not test out purchasing a new pair of shoes with a unique pattern all over them? Jazzma sure knows how to inject the fun into more natural outfits and this is just one of the many ways that you can do this too! If wearing patterned shoes is a little bit too much for you why not start with something more basic like a clutch bag?


Mix ‘n’ Match

Jazzma Kendrick

In this picture, we’re loving the mix match of denim. Whether it’s the shade, hue or texture, there are endless combos available for you to try out. You can make a bold statement with denim especially depending on how you style it. For a casual look throw on some flats or for more formal vibes why not wear a pair of heels?

Are you feeling inspired by this famous and social model yet?

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