Gabby Sterling: Taking ‘hot mama’ to a whole new level!

Posted on Dec 16 2017 - 7:37am by Mia Gardner

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Gabby Sterling is an absolutely stunning social media influencer from the UK. She’s gorgeous and the content that she creates is always super amazing. In addition to this, her #Instalife is also super adorable, and she’s always right on trend. If you don’t know who she is, well, you’re about to find out! Keep on scrolling if you want to take a peek into her luxurious lifestyle…

Gabby Sterling

What does she do?

As a popular influencer with nearly 40K followers on Instagram, Gabby is able to treat this as a business venture. She has worked hard to brand herself and show off her personality and talent through social media. This means that she can now advertise different companies’ products which we love seeing!

We have seen her promoting labels such as La Jois swimwear, Oh Polly, Fenty Beauty and London Virgin Hair. Her fans swear by her recommendations and are always commenting on her insta photos for more. However, this is just a job, it’s a true passion. Gabby evidently is super fashion-orientated and always on top of her beauty game!

No matter where she is in the world, even if she is on a holiday, her amazing fashion sense always shines through! Some of her favourite brands for cosmetics are Huda Beauty and Sleek. Additionally, her fashion choices are often from In The Style and Pretty Little Thing.

Tell me more…

Looking through her #Instalife shows that she’s also in a loving relationship and she even has a daughter. This is one hot mama, right? If you’re interested in this aspect of her lush lifestyle, you can see lots more of it on her YouTube channel!

OMG, how adorable! On this video-sharing platform, she shares such an intriguing, diverse range of content with her 55K followers. Her channel oozes ethnic-goodness and majorly positive vibes. Gabby is popular for her makeup looks, hair piece reviews, chatty Q&A’s along with how-to videos.

These often include info about customising wigs/weaves and then also health-related content which are some of her passions. Although, she is known to through a cheeky prank in every now and again too!

Style Inspiration from Gabby Sterling

Gabby is not only an extremely loveable social influencer in general but she is a fashion queen. Whether she’s giving us Rihanna Wild Thoughts vibes of if she’s throwing it back to Destiny’s Child, her fashion is spot on. So, we thought we’d give you a few tips and tricks from things we’ve noticed about her outfits. Let’s get inspired…

Playing with hairstyles

Even if wigs and weaves aren’t your things, why not experiment with your natural hair and see what it can do. There are a bunch of heat protectant products on the market so why not test out some cute curls or silky straightness. A new hairstyle, a switch of parting, or a cut and colour can really make a difference!

A pop of colour

Gabby Sterling

Who said anything about only sticking to the current trends’ colour palettes? Gabby sterling is known for playing around with bright coloured clothing. It is definitely something fun for you to test out. No matter the shade of your skin, there is a hue out there for you. Oranges, yellows, reds, and pinks are just a few of Gabby’s faves.

Highlighter heaven

Gabby Sterling

This makeup product plays a huge part in finishing off any glamorous makeup look. Rihanna’s new brand Fenty Beauty released one in the shade’Trophy Wife’ which went VIRAL. Gabby’s skin always looks super sultry and glowy, this could be your answer!

Highlighters look great especially for those of you with darker skin for that extra oomph. However, those of you with paler skin can pull off those almost white, unicorn looking pigments too.

Gabby Sterling

What is your favourite thing about Gabby Sterling’s #Instalife? Go ahead and vote at the top of this article, you know you want to!

Cr: Instagram @gsterl

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