Elsa Hosk: The Stunning, Sweet, Swedish Model and Victoria’s Secret Angel

Posted on Nov 29 2017 - 7:20am by Mia Gardner

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Elsa Hosk is a 28-year-old Swedish model with an amazing portfolio behind her. She has worked hard to build her luxe life and get to where she is today. Prepare to be amazed at this angel’s achievements and dedication to this industry she’s in.

Elsa Hosk

Who is Elsa Hosk?

Ultimately, Elsa Hosk is a fashion figure who works with some of the most prestigious fashion designers and brands in the world. As well as being a Victoria Secret’s model, she has worked with Dior, Dolce and Gabbana and Guess. In addition to this, she has teamed with Free People, Ungara, H&M and Anna Sui.

Elsa also has her own collection with the international fashion retailer, Bik Bok. The collection was actually created to match Elsa’s personal style and the trends that she loves and wears the most! We’re #PowerCrushing on this young woman because is making major moves in the fashion industry…

More recently, we actually spotted Elsa at #Reveal fashion awards in an absolutely stunning dress! This leads us on to what else we love about her, which is her fashion style and tastes in general. She has such a diverse look and truly can pull off any and every style. This #PowerCrush is uber trendy and is able to rock any outfit whether it’s designer chic or alternative grooviness.

In addition to this, another reason we think she’s so popular is that she is motivating. We often see her working out even when she goes on luxurious holidays to locations such as Ibiza. Also, the aesthetic of her Instagram is super cool and contemporary in a vintage way.

Elsa Hosk is one unique model and her 3.9 million fan base love her for it. She inspires her followers to experiment with their style whilst remaining healthy and living an active lifestyle! Isn’t this just the perfect balance?

Elsa’s Life

Now, it’s time to dive in a little bit deeper with some really juicy info! Firstly, she’s actually got a hidden talent for playing basketball as she has played professionally in Sweden. This makes perfect sense for what kickstarted her exercise regimes and where she built her stamina.

Elsa Hosk

Secondly, she enjoys living life with her boyfriend, Tom Daly. He’s actually also in the fashion business as he is an entrepreneurial eyewear designer. He is a co-founder of the company, District  Vision, and the creative agency, District Projects.

Thirdly, many people say that she looks extremely similar to Disney’s Queen Elsa in Frozen. However, Elsa denied any connections to the making of this popular film character.

Elsa Hosk

How did it all start?

Elsa began modeling at the young age of 14. After graduating high school she decided to pursue a career in the Swedish women’s basketball league. However, the interest in the sport was not as popular as it was in the USA.

Of course, it is known that the modeling world is very demanding and Elsa claims that her previous schedule in her chosen sport helped prepare her. This was for both the physical and travel aspects of the fast-paced fashion industry!

It wasn’t long before she moved to New York City to focus purely on becoming a great model. This young woman is receiving more and more attention and recognition each day. She was actually ranked 15th on the Top Sexiest Models list by models.com. In addition to this, one of her biggest achievements yet is the fact that she opened the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2016.

What else does she do?

Well, if you aren’t already loving taking a peek into Elsa Hosk’s life and gaining inspiration, prepare to feel even more so. The movie, The Whistleblower, was a key factor in her need of wanting to carry out charity work. Elsa has actually worked to support the anti-human-trafficking organisation, FAIR Girls.

Elsa Hosk

Now, isn’t it just amazing that she can work hard to maintain a luxurious lifestyle for herself whilst fulfilling her need to help others? That is what you call a #PowerCrush, ladies and gents!

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