Dorina Gegiçi: The Albanian model and fashionista who is proud of her heritage!

Posted on Nov 21 2017 - 8:00am by Mia Gardner

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Dorina Gegiçi is an Albanian model with an AMAZING portfolio. She is also absolutely stunning, of course, and her #Instalife is something special. Dorina is extremely passionate about her career and it really does show. So, let take a look!

Dorina Gegici

Dorina Gegiçi: How did it all start?

It all began when Dorina was very young. She started out her modelling career as a young woman and has always believed in the concept of seductive elegance! If you think about it, this term sums up classy, fashionable yet edgy fashion in the best way, right?

Dorina Gegici

For Dorina, this means that behavioural ethics are also very important to her as she finds class interesting. Wouldn’t you agree that is definitely more intriguing when models like this Albanian babe have good morals? It sure is refreshing and confidence in one’s self in a woman’s strongest weapon.

Dorina Gegici

Dorina has previously spoken about working with Dolce and Gabbana which is one of her biggest achievements. In addition to this, she works hard to keep up with the fast pace of the fashion industry. Dorina Gegiçi is well prepared and ready for more; we can’t wait to see what’s next for her, especially in regards to her career.

What is she doing at the moment?

As you can see from the adorable yet high-fashion holiday snaps above, wherever Dorina is she’s living life to the full. Her luxurious lifestyle is so #Instaworthy and she definitely takes advantage of this to display photographic souvenirs of her adventures.

The majority of her work is carried out in Albania which is actually a big part of the Kardashians’ culture too! However, she enjoys travelling to different places and exploring the rest of the world too. We know she’s a big fan of Italy, having visited places such as Capri and Rome. Additionally, she is always travelling in style, on a luxury yacht or two!

Dorina Gegici

Dorina Gegiçi: A Style Icon

We thought we’d switch things up in this edition of #Instalife and give you some style tips inspired by our beloved influencer herself. Dorina’s sense of fashion is trendy, feminine and playful. Three concepts we are totally for! So, let’s get started.

Groovy Glasses ?

Dorina Gegici

Firstly, we start with one of Dorina’s fave accessories. A gorgeous pair of sunglasses! They can really change up your look, especially if you’re planning on taking a hot holiday before Christmas settles in. So, why not try playing with different shapes and sizes to work out what looks best for you? In the pic above, we can see Dorina playing with pairing the lens colour to her lipstick. We’re sure you will agree that this combo looks super snazzy!

Trendy Tees ?

Dorina Gegici

Secondly, we move on to the classic trendy t-shirt. A slogan tee can be that one item in your wardrobe that will make any outfit more diverse. Whether it’s for casual daytime or a slightly more formal evening, paired with the right items you can definitely pull it off just like Dorina. It also gives you a chance to show off what you believe in to make that bold statement. Consequently, it is definitely a good piece is you want your fashion to turn heads.

Dreamy Dresses ?

Dorina Gegici

Dorina often opts for an LBD (little black dress) and never fails to pull it off. This sultry clothing item is always good to have as a key piece in your collection. And, the more variations the better! With a few of these under your belt, you’ll be able to show off your style in no time. Whether its black lace or black velvet, trust us, it’s all good.

Bold Booties ?

Dorina Gegici

Hot. Pink. Shoes. These babies are incredibly cool and eye-catching, wouldn’t you agree? What is better is that there is absolutely nothing stopping you from experimenting with the same idea. If there are any outfits you think could do with that little bit extra oomph, this is the perfect solution. You could test out different bright colours or even play with prints. The fashion world is your oyster.

So, are you feeling inspired by just how trendy and fashionable Dorina Gegiçi’s #Instalife is? We certainly are. We love hearing back from you and we’re giving you the power to vote for what you want. Whether it’s fashion inspo, beauty tips or lifestyle how-tos, you can let us know at the top of this article! Go and check it out…

Cr: Instagram @dorinagegici

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