Herieth Paul: The Flawless Tanzanian Fashion Model Who Is Gracing The Runways Worldwide!

Posted on Nov 6 2017 - 7:30am by Mia Gardner

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Herieth Paul is a 21-year-old Tanzanian fashion model who is well and truly making her mark on the industry. In addition to this, her #Instalife is amazing because she has walked for an immense amount of high-end designers on the runway. As a consequence of this, she gives her 100K fan base an insight into her luxurious lifestyle with amazing pictures and snapshots of herself!

Herieth Paul

Who is Herieth Paul?

Above all, Herieth works with top designers and fashion brands to be the figure showing off their haute couture creations. This also means that she has accumulated quite the portfolio and what better way is there than to show it off on Instagram, of course!

Herieth Paul has worked with designers such as Armani, Calvin Klein, Cavalli, Lacoste and Tom Ford. In addition to this, she is a Victoria’s Secret Angel and a Maybelline Girl. She has worked so hard to build a name for herself and achieve her modeling dreams! We’re crushing on her #Instalife because we think that she is someone to feel inspired by…

Herieth is also a powerful figure because of her success as being a black model. Furthermore, we all know the struggles out there for darker-skinned people accessing inclusive makeup. Therefore, we think it is amazing that this chick is able to work with a cosmetic brand like Maybelline to showcase their makeup range.

Published Work

Herieth Paul has also featured in publications such as Vogue Italia, i-D, Wonderland, Teen Vogue, Elle and V magazine. Well, are you feeling #TotallyInspired yet? If so, this is because she is doing incredibly well for herself especially in her chosen line of work. It’s not every day that models as young as Herieth are becoming this successful without the help families that are already famous!

Herieth Paul

In addition to this, we’re thinking that even bigger and better things are yet to come. Herieth Paul is stunning in her own unique way and has the figure of an angel. She can rock any outfit and any makeup no matter how abstract and high-fashion it is.

Coture Social’s Quote Of The Day Inspired by… Herieth Paul

Herieth Paul

The expert in anything was once a beginner.’

Firstly, we think that is it important for all of you to remember that we all need to start somewhere. You could be an aspiring model dreaming of just half of Herieth’s success but you’ve got to work for it. Secondly, with this in mind, you should feel free to start researching your competitors in whatever industry you are in.

Herieth Paul

This is because, in our modern day society, thinking about the business-related side e.g. making profits is what leads to success. Furthermore, this is even more relevant if you’re looking into transforming a hobby into a career. It’s all about finding that gap in the market and making your mark in your own unique way.

In addition to this, you could also take advantage of social media to get in contact with others in your position. You could also connect with professionals that advertise their emails. Network, network, network!

Cr: Instagram @heriethpaul

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