Kylie Shea: The MOST inspirational ballet dancer with incredible aims and achievements

Posted on Oct 30 2017 - 9:05am by Mia Gardner

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Kylie Shea is a divine dancer, astonishing actress, and creative curator. In addition to this, this ridiculously talented chick is originally from Los Angeles but is based in New York City on her journey to Broadway. So, do you want to find out we think you’ll be feeling #TotallyInspired by Kylie Shea? Well, carry on reading and you’ll stumble across so much more…

Kylie Shea

Kylie Shea: Her Story

Firstly, Kylie Shea began training in classical ballet when she was just eight years old. Secondly, this then led her to study at Spectrum Dance Theater where she was later given the title of Principal Artist. Additionally, Kylie is currently very active on her social media platforms where she often creates videos for her Pointe Chronicles.

These also feature a range of videos! Such as special collaborations with family members or friends to vlogs focusing on her training in the studio. Kylie Shea often shares quotes on Instagram, “What if I fall? But darling, what if you fly?” which brings out her humble and beautiful personality!

In addition to this, she is an immensely talented ballerina! This is because she is extremely passionate and has put in lots of work to get to where she is today. Kylie is also disciplined, determined and respectful which she feels she has learned from her teacher and the sport itself!

This ballerina has a super interesting and inspiring tattoo on her foot too. She got it in memory of her beloved ballet teacher who has a saying “Don’t cry my darling, save your tears for the stage.” Kylie has told her fans that this was the one piece of advice she’d always here whenever she used to get upset at any failure in the studio.

Business Ventures:

In regards to the fashion side of things, Kylie collaborated with a clothing brand called PopFlex. Furthermore, she modeling items of their new collection for them on their website. Therefore she is an ambassador of the brand. In an interview with them, she explained her lifelong aim. ‘To inspire others to feel, to connect, to create, to believe in themselves and to grow, no matter what, every single day.’

Here, at Coture Social, we’re feeling an overwhelming sense of inspiration and motivation to go after our dreams. And we bet you are now too! Kylie is a beautiful symbol of what hard work and determination can produce and she has herself to thank. Her #Instalife must be dreamy to any young ballet dancers out there and we hope you’re feeling empowered by this young woman.

Coture Social’s Top Tips for Special Talents

Ultimately, we know that many of you reading this will not all be ballet dancers but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t do it. Lots of people let age become an important factor in being able to do something or find a hidden talent. However, we are encouraging you to experiment and never hold back if you feel passionate about something…

Kylie Shea

Kylie Shea has been working on this talent of hers for over two decades and she just keeps on achieving. Whether you’re interested in dance, music or are a true fashionista at heart, you could search for any local classes or opportunities to get involved. Dream big!

Cr: Instagram @kyliesheaxo

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