Mariam Rod: The Persian and Kurdish Social Influencer With An Amazing Work Ethic

Posted on Oct 18 2017 - 7:35am by Mia Gardner

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Mariam Rod is a beautiful Australian social media influencer who is based in Dubai. This talented chick has actually got both Persian and Kurdish blood running through her veins which makes sense why she looks so effortlessly unique! Not to mention, she is also crazy stylish and her #Instalife is definitely one to look out for.

Mariam Rod

Therefore, we thought we’d find out more about her for you and give you the best deets in the best place. So, are you ready to dig in and get started? Well, it’s finally time to learn more about her…

Who is Mariam Rod?

Firstly, with nearly 700K followers, Mariam is the ultimate ‘it’ girl from the Middle East. Consequently, she creates schedules so she can have an idea in mind of the content her fans would like to see from her. We’re crushing on her lifestyle because her job is, of course, fashion and beauty related, which we’re sure you’ll just adore.

Mariam Rod generates posts about her personal style, beauty routines, fave hotspots, travel diaries and any business ventures. In addition to this, she works with lots of brands and their public relations teams to create social magic together. Remember, brands are always on the lookout for the hottest influencers with large followings, why not take inspiration from Mariam, it could be you next!

Her Work

Above all, she takes pride in promoting brands including Schwarzkopf, Fashionnova, Quay Eyewear, Roberto Cavalli, Tarte Cosmetics, Topshop and Fabula Jewells. Firstly, can we just take a moment to appreciate just how many different companies and curators Mariam gets to work both with and for? We know that so many of you dream of doing this and we want to help. (See end of the article for top tips!)

Furthermore, she has also been able to build fabulous working relationships with the staff. Therefore, this means that she gets to jet off around the world to many hot locations to snap up amazing pics to post on the gram. Places she has travelled to include: Paris, St Tropez, Mykonos, L.A. and the Maldives.

Isn’t it just amazing what lots of hard work can do for you? Mariam Rod is an inspiration and yes, she has the perfect looks that brands love to snap up. However, she has the correct mindset and always chooses the opportunities that are right for her and her career. We’re crowning her as a businesswoman and role model to many!

Coture Social’s Top Tips for Working With Brands

Firstly, and most importantly, aim big but start small. It would be a good idea for you to contact local brands that you could get involved with whether that be cosmetics, clothing, skincare or beauty. It’s all about building up a portfolio and even if you are just shadowing an employee, the experience you will gain and rapport with the company will be fantastic.

Mariam Rod

Secondly, you need to network and maintain the working ethic. In today’s fashion and social media industry, you need to be able to leave a lasting impression on people. Create a brand for yourself, keep a record of all contacts made and don’t be afraid to ask favors especially if there is something you can offer in return. Why not take a look on fashion jobs boards, and get involved today!

Mariam Rod is a successful Instagrammer and we believe she will just keep continuing to grow. If she can do it so can you!

Cr: Instagram @mariam

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