Cyn Santana: The super trendy mother-to-be and fashion entrepreuneur

Posted on Oct 13 2017 - 12:00pm by Mia Gardner

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Cyn Santana is a 24-year-old model with over 2.5 million Instagram followers and a crazy amount of twitter fans! This Dominican and Salvadorian babe has been working those angles for a while now after having built up an amazing portfolio. She slays every day and she even looks drop-dead-gorgeous whilst being pregnant!

So, would you like to find out more about Cyn and how she’s got to where she is today? Well, we’ve put together everything you need to know. And… we’ve even included a few tips for how you can do a similar thing at the end of this article too!

Who is Cyn Santana?

This smoking chick has featured in a variety of music vids for 2 Chainz, Nas, and even Drake!  In addition to this, she rose to fame after starring in reality television show, Love & Hip Hop. Furthermore, this is where she actually met her beau, Joe Budden, and the father-to-be!

Cyn Santana is a young woman and we are #MajorlyJealous of how far she has come. Having a loving relationship, a family on the way and establishing a career are just a few of the incredible things she has accomplished.

What was she up to before the pregnancy?

Firstly, Cyn Santana launched a clothing brand called NU that was made for curvaceous women. This super trendy clothing line has those sexy, confident and fearless vibes that plus-size fashion just seems to be missing! Consequently, after having found this gap in the market she has worked hard and achieved something extraordinary…

She is immensely talented and she is empowering because we inspire so many of her fans. She shows us that you can make anything of yourself if you have a passion and are willing to work hard! Above all, we’re loving her luxurious lifestyle and we can’t wait to see this business venture flourish further.

Tell us more…

Cyn Santana is originally from New York and she has also always been close to her family. This is why it comes as no surprise that she’s decided to start her own early on. Her childhood sounds dreamy with lots of get-togethers, Caribbean banquets, and parties.

As well as the above, Cyn Santana uses her popularity on social media to work with different brands. The deal is that she gets to promote products she likes and make money from it! Of course, many of us would love this lifestyle but it’s all about creating a brand for yourself like Cyn did first.

She also works with different people to raise awareness of mental health and suicide prevention. So, we think it’s great that she is fortunate enough to have been able to build an empire for herself. This is because she can donate to charities and get stuck in with more humanity issues!

Coture Social’s Top Tips for Becoming a Humanitarian

Above all, Cyn Santana’s personality and character are what enabled her to begin her journey to fame. Of course, not everyone is fortunate enough to have money to spare that can make a difference. However, you don’t need stacks of cash and transport around the world to make a difference…

Cyn Santana

Ultimately, we think the most important thing is to start small. It could be helping homeless people or volunteering to help an environmental issue. An alternative to this can be working hard to save up enough money to invest in charities and businesses later on in life! We hope you’re finding Cyn as inspiring as we are…

Cr: Instagram @cynsantana, Cr: Instagram @shopsnu

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