Emilia Clarke: #PowerCrush of a Dragon Queen

Posted on Oct 10 2017 - 7:00am by Hazel T

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Depending on who you are, you may have to address her differently.

If you are Jon Snow, you will call her ‘My Queen’, if you are T-800 Model 101, she will be known as Sarah Connor or if you have recently shed tears in the cinema, she may jolly well be your Louisa Clark.

Emilia Clarke’s interest in acting started young, falling in love first with Show Boat. This was a musical where her father worked as a sound engineer. Subsequently, she immersed herself in school plays before finding her feet at the Drama Centre London.

She made numerous appearances in programmes, short film and commercials upon graduation in the year 2009. Her breakthrough came in the year 2011 when she became Daenerys Targaryen in the Game of Thrones. From then on, Emilia Clarke got fame and recognition.

Recently, the limelight was also on Emilia’s personal life. She has been single since breaking up with Seth MacFarlane, an American comedian in year 2013, but has got closer with Kit Harington recently due to their “Dragon and Wolf” collaboration.

Emilia declared themselves as friends and proclaimed that she does not want to date an actor anymore. But, we can always spot the duo interacting heartily on social media.

In fact, Kit and Emilia have known each other since the year 2012, when they were interviewed by Rolling Stone. Peggy Sirota was the photographer for that interview and she captured their first on-screen kiss. This photo never got published until recently, with Sirota expressing this moment as ‘unforgettable’.

Off screen, Emilia likes to exercise her humour to the fullest. From making bad minced pies, camouflaging herself behind a face mask or giant jacket, to hiding under a children bookshelf or having Ryan Gosling’s poster by her chest. Being prim and proper may not be in her dictionary after all!

When asked about all the nudity scenes in the Game of Thrones, Emilia said “that’s a scene I’ve been waiting for”, showing that she is not at all affected by anyone’s comments.

Although we have not witnessed a dramatic change in Emilia throughout the years like the way Daenerys Targaryen has evolved from a timid girl to an empowering queen, the #PowerCrush message from her is clear: be truthful to who you are, be good at what you do, never mind about what others say. And most importantly, it is ok to have a great guy friend.

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