Jahy C: Who is this unbelievably hot German and Jamaican #InstaBaddie?

Posted on Sep 29 2017 - 7:42am by Mia Gardner

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Jahy C is an Instagram baddie who never fails to look AMAZING! Above all, this Carribean and German goddess has built up an astounding audience of 82.3K followers. Whilst entertaining her fan base, it goes without saying that her looks are just something else. Additionally, her sheer beauty is breathtaking and we think she could be giving those major A-list celebs a run for their money….


Especially in the fashion department and the cosmetic industry too! So, do you want to see just how Jahy C can rock anything from the swaggiest of urban-wear to the most glamorous gowns? Well, prepare to be amazed as her #Instalife is dazzling and radiant.


What exactly does Jahy C do?

This uber cool chick spends the majority of her time promoting a wide range of fashion brands on different platforms. She’s a superb social media influencer and it’s no wonder that so many companies are attracted to her.

In addition to this, she has the internet skills that can really make a difference and most importantly, make those dollar bills.

So, over time we have seen Jahy C promoting lots and lots of different trendy, up-and-coming brands. Hence why she’s often tagging Abbott Lyon, American Doll House, Berker, Bytorila, Ego official and Caletto Mode.

Similarly, we’ve also spotted her working with Koucla Fashion, Lelywood Clothing, Love Fashion Luxe, Seamless, and Squlptur!

Her Awesome Additional Talents

Meanwhile, she actually has a YouTube channel and we think that she could start making even more dollar. This is because her fashion sense is clearly spectacular and her hair and makeup are always spot on too. Firstly, she originally started out posting singing videos which is one of her hidden talents that we don’t see much of on her Insta…

However, we think that if she invested in filming videos she would do incredibly well. We’re sure that you’d love to watch her makeup tutorials with detailed products lists of the brands she uses and loves too! From her insta, we also know that she likes to indulge in designer brands which is always guaranteed to draw in viewers!

We also know that she has a few friends in the industry like Fanny Neguesha! And we think they might love high-end luxurious companies like Gucci and YSL too. With these two beauties, don’t you think a sweet collaboration would go down a treat?

We also see lots of potential for her to grow an even bigger fan base. This is because there is definitely a gap in the market for more multi-ethnic beauty gurus in the industry. It’s also possible for her to become a successful vlogger as we think her audience might be interested in her romantic relationship.


Overall, Jahy C has built the perfect influencer lifestyle for herself. Whether she’s enjoying glam phone cases or days out shopping she always looks like she’s having a fab time too!

Coture Social’s Top Tips for Building A Wardrobe

If you want to learn how to expand your collection, we’ve got some advice for you. Whether it’s to experiment with more pieces or to show off on your social media. Fashion is just so interesting and has many uses too! Firstly, you should analyse your lifestyle so you know which clothing areas you’d like to prioritise. For example, Jahy C shoots many insta pics on location so fancy daywear is a big thing for her.

Jahy C

Secondly, buy a couple of basic pieces and a statement piece for that category whether it’s trendy loungewear for working from home or smart business wear you can feel good in. Thirdly, you can start indulging in the occasional designer nightlife dress or those much-needed Chelsea boots that just go with everything!

If you found this helpful, make sure you come back and give us a visit for even more tips like these in our future posts…

Cr: Instagram @jahy.c, Cr: Instagram @plessydesign

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