The Groucho Club: giving you a reason to be social & famous

Posted on Sep 29 2017 - 7:29am by Hazel T

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There is no need to scratch your head or wrack your brain, really.

First of all, you are not a member of the Groucho Club. Regardless of how many stories you have heard about the arts and media figures having fun behind the closed doors of this 45 Dean Street building, you will never be part of the flock, if you do not have a membership.

It will be naïve of you to apply for one unless you can guarantee two existing members’ recommendations on your application form. This means that you have to be somebody or know somebody to break the walls. Even if you somehow managed to do all of the above, your application will still need to be vet by the gang.  Nevertheless, if the genie inside your oil lamp actually grants your wishes, perhaps a member will bring you in as a guest to the Groucho Club. The Groucho Glub started in the 80s when a group of female publishers, writers and agents wanted a place to meet without any hassle. They had failed to find themselves a place in one of those ubiquitous gentleman’s clubs.

That was when they brought the idea of their own club to Tony Mackintosh, a restaurateur and entrepreneur who called upon his business partners, a wine merchant and an architect, to find a building in Soho. He raised money from all of these founders and their friends for refurbishment.

To make you even more envious, the Groucho club is spread over a few floors and comes with three bars, two restaurants, a snooker room, four event rooms and about 20 bedrooms available for use and hire.

Second, no electronic devices with photo-taking capabilities are permitted inside the building. This is to prevent tabloids from getting hold of photographs of those who do not want to be seen.

Last but not least, it is hard to generate a list of celebrities or influencers who haven’t been to the Groucho Club since the place never goes out of fashion. However, if you need some names to be convinced, Sienna Miller, Rachel Weisz, Stephen Fry, Noel Gallagher and Lily Allen are some of them.

Although The Groucho Club may not be at your convenience at the moment, there is always a chance to bring you closer. You can simply be an influencer yourself to gain an entry ticket or be chummy with influencers. At the very least, the club’s crew is hiring so brush up your bartending or waitressing skills!

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