Swantje Paulina: Symbolising the true beauty of freckles and making it as a model

Posted on Sep 28 2017 - 8:45am by Mia Gardner

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Swantje Paulina, also known as Swalina on her social media platforms, is showcasing the true beauty of freckles. Her natural beauty is breathtaking and she is turning her rare look into something magical. So, if you want to find out what she’s been up to, it’s all here…

Swantje Paulina

Or if you simply want to check out her gorgeous #Instalife, you can do that too, just carry on scrolling.

Who is Swantje Paulina?

Swantje Paulina Wördemann is a young German model slowly making her mark in the modeling industry. Firstly, her natural beauty is overpowering; after her sprinkling of freckles catches your eye, her eyes will draw you in even further.

Secondly, we have no doubts that she’ll continue on her road to popularity! This is because she has that perfect grungy, high-fashion look that agents are always hunting for. We also see lots of potential in her as we think she’d rock anything from beauty editorials to Haute coture catwalks.

She’s got that slim yet curvy figure everyone is #MajorlyJealous of and she looks amazing no matter what she’s wearing. There is definitely room for Swantje to show off her personality on social media more and we can’t wait to see this from her.

Above all, Swantje Paulina has already started teaming up with different brands and designers. This has then enabled her to promote a range of products that she loves! Of course, we’d all love to do this but Swantje is more than deserving of it.

With nearly 200K Instagram followers, Swantje has shown off H&M, Bershka, Mojo Snowboarding, Paul Hewitt and Kapten and Son. In addition to this, her pictures always turn out amazingly well. We think she may also have an eye for photography!

How does she spend her time?

We often spot Swantje Paulina traveling the world as and when she can. It’s amazing how Instagrammers-on-the-rise can afford to do this, don’t you think? However, the case is often that they have spent years working hard in jobs they aren’t that passionate about.

But this means that influencers can then take the risk of putting lots of time and effort into social media careers. This is because they can afford the necessary equipment and resources needed that will get their channels out there.

Ultimately, one of the best parts of being a social influencer is traveling the world! We have spotted Swantje Paulina in Bali, Calfornia, French Riviera, Indonesia, Tenerife, and Thailand. An epic mixture of adventures, however, we’re sensing that this is just the beginning…

Coture Social’s Top Tips for Unique Modeling

So, we’re thinking that after finding out about the gorgeous Swantje Paulina, you may be lusting after a career in social influencing! After all, it is becoming more and more popular with a never-ending list of start-up businesses constantly on the look out for people to team up with!

Swantje Paulina

Therefore, if you have a unique look and you’d love to get involved, what is stopping you? Social media holds an unlimited space on the internet for you to showcase your interests along with your very own natural beauty and unique personality.

Firstly, our advice to you is to do your research and make lists of everything that interests you. Whether it’s sportswear, skin care or super cool cosmetics, trust us, there is something for everyone! Secondly, jump on Instagram and start following both established and underground brands…

The more active you are, e.g. liking posts, commenting and taking part in giveaways, the more likely it is that you’ll be noticed in no time. Who knows, it might not be long until companies are sliding into your DM’s and you’ve created your very own fan base just like Swantje Paulina!

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