Maya Thurman Hawke: The daughter of Hollywood legends who is set to rock the world

Posted on Sep 15 2017 - 7:58am by Mia Gardner

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Maya Thurman Hawke is the daughter of Hollywood legends Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. We’ve had a vision and we think she’s going to become the next big thing. Maya has got some serious skill behind her and hidden talents just waiting to be unveiled. Well, we’ve got everything you need to know about this chick who was born to be a star.

Maya Therman Hawke

Maya Thurman Hawke: Who is she and what is she up to?

Maya is diving into the deep end of the acting industry just like her supermom. Uma Thurman is an extremely successful actress, you may recognise her from the films Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and The Avengers. Now let’s take a look into what Maya’s been up to recently.

Firstly, we recently spotted her out filming on set for a BBC adaptation of Little Women. It was a novel written in 1868 by Louisa May Alcott, an oldie but a goodie! She plays the role of Jo who is rather bold and headstrong.

Also, for any ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ fans out there, do you remember the book Rachel recommended to Joey? If Little Women could entice the likes of Joey Tribbiani it must be something special, right? In addition to this, she’ll be starring alongside Emily Watson, Sir Michael Gambon, and Dame Angela Lansbury.

Maya Therman Hawke

It’s going to have a pretty amazing cast and we just can’t wait! We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts when the show finally airs. It will be one of Maya’s first acting roles and we’re predicting that it’s going to be amazing.

Entering the fashion world

It wasn’t so long back that we saw her dive into the fashion industry too! Last year she became the face of the All Saints SS17 campaign and looked absolutely stunning. She has also clearly inherited the most natural beauty from Uma.

Maya is an au-naturel stunner and we can’t wait to see what else she gets up to. Will it be more fashion editorials, more TV projects or maybe even the next big films that are set to rock Hollywood.

Her Personal Life

Despite the fact that Maya’s parents have had some of the most high-profile lives, she loves to keep things under wraps. Maya keeps her public appearances to the minimum which is surprisingly refreshing. This means that she can create a mysterious character for herself!

This 19-year-old tends to make appearances with either her closest friends or family. In addition to this, you may have noticed that she’s not mad for social media. To be honest, it is refreshing to see young people who are born into fame yet chose privacy over popularity.

Maya Therman Hawke

We see the occasional family selfie on Uma’s Insta but Maya definitely prefers to let the mind wonder. It is obvious to see that she is a hard worker and her education is further proof of this. She actually attends the infamous and prestigious Juilliard Performing Arts school in New York City. How dreamy?

With her influences including Viola Davis, Patti Smith, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Julianne Moore we think she’s going to become incredibly successful. With the high standards she’s set for herself, she’s always aiming high. Are you ready for Maya Thurman Hawke to rock your world? Bring it on, girl!

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